Curtin University, Am I Doing It Right?

The year had just barely begun, and I think we have the controversy of the year. I wouldn’t care less if a person was photographed with tonnes of designer bags. If a person is from a rich family, having tonnes of designer stuff wouldn’t be a surprise even if they didn’t rob, steal or kill to get more money. Honestly, I do not really see the point of why people kept saying Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah Mansor’s lavish spending are from tax money while there isn’t any proof. True that she is definitely the most luxurious Prime Minister’s wife in this country’s history. But one cannot simply ignore the fact that she caused so many questionable actions. The latest would be the Doctorate cert from Curtin University.

First of all, this is only an example of what I think of the situation. It doesn’t reflect anything or any intention. It’s either you like it or you don’t. I will summarize the whole debacle between Curtin University and Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah. First of all, there is suppose a high budget project named PERMATA brain-child by Rosmah in Malaysia. It was allocated a budget of RM100 million in 2008 and then RM111 million in recent year. This project was to build some early child education centres in Malaysia and because of that, Curtin University decided to award a Doctorate or a PhD to Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah. What do I think of this whole thing?




So how do you like my version on looking at this whole incident?

First of all, Permata was funded by the tax payer’s money. So no matter WHO is behind the project, it should be listed as a government project. What I could not understand is that why a government’s project can eventually land a person into being awarded a PhD? What’s more confusing is that the project did not see any concrete good result yet. How much can an early child education centre can affect their life should only be measured after how they get through AT LEAST primary school. By the period of the project, you cannot even see how they can get through their primary education level. How do they even measure that?

Another point is, I have no complaints if all the money is from her own wallet or sale of any of her designer bags. But this is the tax payers’ money for goodness sake! I cannot even imagine how could anyone even bring themselves to brag about it! I firmly did not believe that she actually do all the work herself and I’m pretty sure there are staffs handling many work. If she can be awarded a PhD then these staff should at least be awarded with a Bachelor’s Degree?

An a Doctorate is something that people actually pay and study to earn it. There are millions of people paying and betting their dear life trying to get a PhD. If she did not pay to study for it, then it’s totally absurd that she actually get the PhD. If she actually DID pay the Curtin University to study for the PhD, then her project SHOULD NOT EVEN BE FROM THE TAX PAYERS’ MONEY! That award is totally an insult to anyone who got their PhD from that University by studying with their own sweat and hard earned money.

And lastly, if she is calling us, citizens of Malaysia who had absolutely NOTHING to do with ANY POLITICAL PARTY but still criticize her, as JEALOUS, I think that went a little over the line. Calling the tax payers jealous while their money are being allocated for the project that you handles? That’s really professional and ethical.


If I were to do that? If the above comic strip is actually TRUE? Do you know how I will end up be?



Yeap, my father would probably hang me upside down with my manhood tied to a pole and feed me to anything that moves in the wild.

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  1. I agree with your view. Pity whoever that studies in Curtin.

  2. she is the PM wife ma…so she can do what she like lo -.-" even though it's unreasonable..reminds me of a fren i used to have, very lansi, but say ppl jealous of him cos he has a way with the ladies -.-"
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  3. sigh.. im sad with our country now. like seriously…

    on another note, you made this post really funny and all which is great seeing the subject is really serious. Lots of 9gags reference here too.. hehe 😛
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  4. in short, they are just wasting our hard-earned $$$!
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  5. I guess that is where the BOLEH comes in… everything un-boleh also can become BOLEH in Malaysia!

  6. everything is not our control, she got the power might or rich resources, she can do whatever she like.

    Anyways, let's see when at the end of the life, she will go to hell or heaven, still unknown yet. So I think it is right that Internet pupils got right to rage about this matter.
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  7. When they say anything is possible in Hollywood/New York/US, we response with "Bitch, please." – if you're an UMNO member in Malaysia, things are more possible.
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  8. Haha thanks for enlightening us with your cute comics again! I pity those graduates from Curtin now..
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  9. Welcome back!
    I believe she was given a honorary doctorate which didn't require the normal prerequisites ie matriculation, study, analysis, thesis. Well, my take on the matter is that Curtin's board must have been enticed with certain favours by hubby, Ah Jib Gor. There are certainly more well-deserving recipients than this FatLOM.! huhu

  10. First time visit, and this post attracts me!! Good job bro!! I definitely agreed on what you said. How absurd that someone get their PHD title without any hard work of study and research. >.<
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  11. Nice story, and nice joke… Kind of like your comic… may be should consider express all in comic.

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