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DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800–Hotter And Smarter


I always have the cravings for a BlackBerry so when my favourite yellow-minded peep, DiGi that is and absolutely nothing indecent about it, come out with this chance for me to win a BlackBerry of mine, how can I miss it? When the question being asked is:


“Is it hotter or is it smarter? Tell us why you think the DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 is hotter or smarter.”

I would like to answer this. Is it a little too much to say both hotter AND smarter? Here are my reasons why the Digi BlackBerry Torch 9800 is so much hotter and smarter!!

Hotter Aspect #1

Seriously, guys. When we talk about BlackBerry users, we usually have a preconception that majority of BlackBerry users are those uncles or aunties who do not understand the wonderful technology of touch screen. Young people always dream about HTC or iPhone because of their touch screen which made their gadget much more elegant. In short, it’s HOT to have a keypad-less phone.

BB Torch 9800 had join in the HOT category by having a full 3.2” touchable and functional screen! NOW using BB Torch can be seen as HOT and no longer uncle-ish. All thanks to DiGi for blessing BB users with the HOTness!



Hotter Aspect #2

What is a BlackBerry without its signature QWERTY keypad? It’s HOT to use a touch screen but it’s PROFESSIONAL to use the QWERTY keypad. So is it TOO MUCH to ask for both in one? Apparently, not. Now having the HOT and PROFESSIONAL criterions, BB Torch users can DOUBLE their HOTness.

Believe me when I say, I had difficulties in typing in touchscreen as I’m more used to “pressing” than “touching”. Especially with DiGi Smart Plan, the QWERTY keypad is a MUST for me to blog or send email on the go and anywhere! I do not need to wait to get back home to type on my keyboard, tenkiu! So TRIPLE the blogger HOTness coz I can blog anywhere from now on.


(P/S: Touch screens just ain’t for blogging…tsk tsk tsk)

Hotter Aspect #3 #4 #5 etc etc

The GPS, the BlackBerry OS with all social network apps integrated such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, the 5.0 megapixel camera with flash, the SUPERB internet browser which is one of the main selling point of this phone and so much more! All to make the phone much HOTTER for the user.

Smarter Aspect #1


DiGi is offering a crazy deal for this BlackBerry Torch 9800. You can get yours ONLY at RM1499 compare to the original RM2299 just by signing up with the DiGi Smart Plan. This means you can save up to a total of RM800! That is the smartest deal around!

Besides the cheap price of obtaining the BB Torch, DiGi has the MOST AFFORDABLE all-in-one Internet and voice plan. Only SMART people would choose the most affordable plan for themselves right? So how SMART exactly is the DiGi SMART plan? Read the following aspects.

Smarter Aspect #2


Surf SMART with only RM68 a month for unlimited Internet plan. Tweet all you want! Facebook all you want! Blog all you want! All with a simple rate of only RM68 a month. Sounds tempting already? But wait.

Smarter Aspect #3


Call SMART! There are no minimum call usage and you do not have to fuss or worry at all if you are not a fan of boiling porridge over the phone! It’s easy, you just need to pay as you use.

Smarter Aspect #4


Save SMART. Not only you pay for the most affordable plan there is but you also get 100% rebate on the Internet Unlimited Plan. The more you use, if you are an avid internet user like me, the more you will save!

Smarter Aspect #5


Roam SMART with DiGI! Out of the country and worry about outrageous roaming charges? Afraid not. With only RM 36 a day, you can get unlimited data roaming at 6 different countries.

So what else is not SMART with this DiGi Smart Plan? You do not need to be Einstein to know that it is a smart choice to sign up for this affordable plan by DiGi. Aren’t convince enough? So here is the final aspect why the DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 is so much HOTTER and SMARTER.


HOTTER because since BB Torch is the first BB phone with fully touch screen integrated with QWERTY keypad, as an owner, you are destined to grab attention from everyone when you retrieve out your phone. It shouts Smart, Hotness, Professionalism, Trendy and Elegance. The BB Torch 9800 TORCH up your HOTNESS to an alarming rate and makes you the HOT topic of the town.

SMARTER because you do not need to worry about overpaying or squeezing your wallet dry to achieve this HOTNESS as DiGi has offer the most affordable Internet plan around and the price for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 is only at RM1499. Appear hotter using the smarter way through the most affordable plan in town. It worth every penny!


So is the new DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 HOTTER or SMARTER? Is it too much to say it is both HOTTER and SMARTER? What? I have to choose no matter what?? Fine then, I’ll say SMARTER coz it’s a deal that only SMART people would know it is good, both the BB Torch 9800 and the DiGi Smart Plan.


Opps..Typo *brand new*

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  • lianemarkus

    I like the new style of the Blackberry.Yes it is quite big but it is still chic and fashionable in its own way. However, Blackberry is quite expensive for me and I am not really sure if I can afford to buy another mobile phone right now. Thus, thank you for the great review that you have here.
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