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Digi WWWOW Awards 2015! Time To Increase Your Digital Reach. #DGWWWOW


Digi WWWOW Awards – Malaysia’s only Internet for All Awards which is based on 100% user-generated entries is now back! Content creators, online entrepreneurs and social influencers, this is your time to shine! The Digi WWWOW Awards is like the “Oscar” for Malaysia’s digital scene and it is a once a year chance for Malaysia’s online entrepreneurs, content creators and social influencers to showcase our creativity and ingenuity in using the Internet. This award had helped to kick off several independent publishers to internet stardom including Ernest Ng from the popular webcomic series “Bro, Don’t Like That La Bro” (although Ernest is already quite popular back then when he receive this award but this award also opens up many opportunities from my observations).

You know, I have been blogging since the year 2008 and I always try to make my blog, a place for me to express myself freely. I never thought of making myself a popular blogger at any point of my blogging journey. There is a period that I wanted to extend my reach to as many people as possible and it was purely for people to enjoy and read my content. I’m happy if anyone actually discusses my blog in the public with other people and hopefully inspire people one day through my content rather than being a well known figure like Xiaxue, Beautiful Nara or Ernest. They are great independent publishers as well which also leads to their celebrity status. As an independent publisher, I aspire to be someone like Matthew Inman, the author behind the popular webcomic The Oatmeal. Someone who can provoke thoughts with his content.

My full-on blogging mode.

And naturally at some point, a content creator like myself will aspire to generate income from our medium. Although I did not consider before about coming up with my very own book like what Ernest, Wai Kit and Dan Khoo from Bolehland, Cheeming Boey or Jian from Miao & WafuPafu, I did consider before what I will do in order to achieve what these accomplished publishers achieved.

I know that being a person without any credentials as a popular blogger or independent publisher (I have different ambition than Ernest, Jian and the rest), it seems quite hard to trust whatever I’m about to share but I’m sharing these steps in a digital marketeer’s perspective. In case you don’t know, I’m running my own boutique digital marketing agency (this company is also my small step into achieving my ambition) and I hope these tips would be useful to you.

Forget about making money and care about making quality content.

This is A LOT EASIER SAID THAN DONE. Quite often, I saw a lot of content creators especially bloggers; decided to forgo the quality of their content in order to make way for things that could earn them money. Content creators should know their aim is to reach and engage their audience and not helping your advertisers to sell. If you decided to publish a food guide, publish the content that you genuinely think will be interesting and your readers are interested in and not by which advertisers who pays. If you must write about your advertisers, go in as honest as possible. Content creators should know that they should please their audience rather than their sponsors or advertisers. Your sponsor(s)/advertiser(s) might only engage you on a one time off basis but your audience will ensure your traffic and reach to remain consistently high which is the main reason why sponsors and advertisers come to you in the first place. So if I wanted to be an independent publisher, I would worry about my content first before tackling other issues.

Advertise and engage.

Despite the popularity and effectiveness of digital advertising, a lot of content creators shy away from it. If I already have great content, obviously I need a reach. Digital media is no longer as straight forward as it was back in the days when your content is highly visible if you have enough followers to your content or profile. Perhaps it was also due to pride issue that most content creators wanted to be seen discovered unintentionally or by word of mouth rather than advertising on their own. However, with the complexity of today’s digital media and the over saturation of content in the digital world, digital advertising became a tool. Many independent publishers established themselves via Facebook advertising such as The Rakyat Post, Cilisos, Fooyoh! etc. So I really want to accomplish myself to be seen, (which I think I will do so for this post) advertising should be done. Of course, I have to make sure the advertising is engaging enough to maximise my cost.

Be true to yourself when you write. Readers can detect sincerity in writing.

Write bullshits and it literally portrays who you are. Readers can detect sincerity in writing even without having to face the author personally. No matter how hard you tried to fake your writing – this isn’t Instagram where you can apply filter to your writing to wow people – many people are aware of your intention. There is always a very notable difference when you publish content that you are comfortable and confident with than content you made for the sake of getting views. Cilisos – for example – establish a very sincere and thorough content culture that are consistent in almost every articles they wrote. It brought them the audience and fans needed and despite some articles are being sponsored, they still bring in the traffic and readership needed. I can name numerous other online publishers out there who lack the sincerity however I shall not name and shame any other publisher besides myself. I admit that some of my blog posts lack sincerity and the results are shown through my stats. If only I can turn back time. So yes, being sincere should be my no. 1 policy in becoming an established independent publishers. Sincerity will naturally results in good content and this is a necessary foundation if you want to build a business out of your publishing platform.

So, these are the things I felt necessary in order to become an accomplished independent publisher in today’s digital media scene. I hope these are useful for you if you intend to be an independent publisher and hopefully compete in the Digi WWWOW Awards ( be it this year or in the future ).

If you are already an accomplished digital content creator or business owner, there are actually 8 categories that you can compete in which are :

1) Videos & Photography
2) Social Influencers
3) Independent Publishers
4) Web commerce
5) Mobile app commerce
6) Social media commerce
7) Social impact
8) Social gathering
The nomination and also submission date for this award is from 14th September 2015 till 12th October 2015. The voting for People’s Choice Award is between 19th September 2015 till 30th October 2015. The judges selection will take place from 13th October 2015 till 12th November 2015. Finally, the Award Night and also Winners Announcement will take place at 20th November 2015.

Take your business or digital credentials to a whole new level of recognition by competing in this prestigious award, you can submit your business/blogs/vlogs at http://www.wwwow.my/submit.aspx OR if you think any of your favourite online shops, content *AHEM* ME *AHEM* creators, you can nominate  ME them as well.

You can keep with updates of the said event via the hashtag #DGWWWOW on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. For more info, please head over to http://www.wwwow.my/

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