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Dine Like A Prince For Christmas


My previous post is about dining romantically for Christmas eve right? However, I had to admit it’s not just for everyone. Especially those with friends, family members and kids around, I’m sure these people would prefer a place that would suit all. Introducing Prince Hotel KL!

Upon entering Eccucino, Prince Hotel at KL, we were greeted with not only some nice buffet spread but also each and every table were filled with some cute masks and also party poppers. I wasn’t sure what were those for as I rarely been to any hotel buffet reviews. I somehow assume there will be a birthday party or something and I felt bad for crashing in like strangers. That would be awkward.

Buffet Spread

Another buffet spread!

These whole load of selection is being presented to me upon entering the dining area. I hate it when their seduction to make me fat works every single time.

Potato Salad

Tuna Wraps

I rarely had appetizers if I was given a choice to.One of the main reason is because I do not want to fill myself up with anything else besides some main food and also dessert. However, appetizer section which compromises of tuna wraps, potato salad and some fresh food are just to die for. So i grab some bits from here and there and eat. My companions for the day was impressed that I was having such a light and healthy meal despite there are so many nice looking food another side. I’m not. I’m not doing that purely because it is healthy. I’m just a glutton and had been seduced by the appetizers laying so close to the table.




Dessert Spread

There are a lot of dessert to choose from if you have a sweet tooth for things. I was impressed on how beautifully presented the desserts were to suit the Christmas mood. Nothing more satisfying to have visually and tastefully good food available for consumption.

Steamed seabass

I rarely took any fish if I’m at a buffet meal. The reason is simple. I had fish every single day at home and if I had a chance, I will try to avoid fish as much as I can because I’m literally bored of fish meals besides sashimi or sushi. However, the steamed seabass there is so tempting and I can’t help to at least try it once. I like it. The gravy is very fragrant and thick while the fish is very fresh without a doubt.

Roasted Lamb

And if fish is the dish I avoid at buffets, lamb and mutton dishes will be a must for me at every single buffet. The roast lamb was so perfectly roast to my liking. A crispy outer layer of meat with the juicy texture to boot. Not to mention the pepperish gravy to go with it. Awesome.

Chicken schnitzels

This chicken schnitzels too is great. The crispy deep fried layer of the chicken is simply heavenly. Dipped with tomato or chilli sauce, the would be one of my favorite food to be consumed as finger food.

Kurma Mutton and Fried Chicken with Spices

If you are here and you love chickens, this fried chicken is awesome. The kurma mutton is slightly average to me as it slightly lacks in taste but still ok. However, the chicken is a different story altogether. Perfectly fried to a crispy texture and also the spices used made the chicken altogether a unique experience.

Ice Cream Selection

Ice Cream Toppings

Syrups for ice cream

Caroline's Double Ball Ice Cream

How can a buffet be complete without their selection of ice cream. If there is a buffet spread without any ice cream to end it, I would label it as buffet wannabe and it ain’t real. Prince Hotel offers some good selection of ice creams and also with many toppings and syrups for your liking. A perfect way to end your meal at this wonderful place.

Earlier in this blog post, I did mention that there were many masks and party poppers laying an the tables in that restaurant. Later only do I know that Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur annually invites children from the Agathians Shelter Home which is located in Petaling Jaya. It is a shelter home built to care for the orphans, neglected children, less fortunate and also abused children. I was touched and impressed by their good cause as there is still hope for these children and Prince Hotel had been providing them this hope.

Arrival of chilren from Agathians Shelter Home 1

Arrival of chilren from Agathians Shelter Home 2

Glowing faces of the children

On of Prince Hotel staff, Tina, plays with the children

The lively atmosphere

General Manager of Prince Hotel KL giving out presents to the kids

Group photo

Clown to entertain the kids

I’m impressed by Prince Hotel’s effort in charity. In the end, as long as these less fortunate children have a good time, that’s all that matters. When they were presented gifts by Mr. Tim, their laughter and happiness had deeply pierced my heart for a moment. I know I’m one of the lucky few who is born is an average family. However, I had been neglecting some small important things in life that I shouldn’t have. These kids were more than happy to be treated with a feast and presents. Their carefree and happy go lucky attitude is something I could pick on especially during this festive season. I should be thankful for every little thing in life no matter how small they are as each of those moments are still gifts to ourselves. Would you rather a tiny speck of happiness in your life every now and then or a life with none of it? These kids enjoy every single moment here and taht’s something everyone should learn. Sit back and enjoy the moment.

Didn’t truly happened but then it’s still a depiction over what I heard before from a small boy to his father.Kids do say the darnest things at times right?

Eccucinoโ€™s Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner buffet is priced at RM118++ per adult. As for children under the age of 12, it would be FREE OF CHARGE. A perfect place if you want to bring your family with kids for a nice Christmas dinner.

Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603-2170 8888
Email: restaurants@princehotelkl.com.my
Website: www.princehotelkl.com

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