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Dining In Ishin


Yesterday, my superior had decided to treat us all Japanese lunch to celebrate the success in bidding for a big event project.Although I was never involved in it in the beginning, but it’s a job well done to the rest of the team. To cut the long story short, my superior, Henry decided to bring us to Ishin which is located along Old Klang Road.


Upon arriving, I was actually amused that this look more like a bungalow than a restaurant. In fact, there are so few parking places around even for those illegal ones. Luckily for me driving my CLK, I was able to squeeze in a very narrow parking space.

Rouge. From left clockwise: Hailey, Victor, Henry, Daphany, Soon

I like how the interior was done in that shop. Very cozy and comfortable. And adding to the surprise, they bought us the menu in form of an iPad. That’s pretty cool although I think it’s kinda weird that iPad is only for viewing the menu while orders are taken down the traditional way.

The Sushi Bar

The menu

Hokkaido Uni (RM38)

The first dish to arrive is this Hokkaido Uni – Sea Urchin from Hokkaido. Looking at the portion, I got to say it is pretty expensive. It cost us RM38 fo that. Although I heard sea urchin dishes are expensive. It is very rich in both taste and flavor even though it is not up to my liking. Some of my colleagues complimented it of course.

Salmon Sashimi

Then this Salmon Sashimi, is definitely the highlight of the day for me. The rich taste and also soft meat just melted as soon as you placed it in your mouth. It’s rather thick which makes it even more satisfying. My only complain of this dish is that i did not had enough of it of course. I only had Salmon sashimi before in Tao and Sakae Sushi. I got to say none of them can compare to the ones I had in Ishin.

Teppanyaki Set (RM19)

My meal for the day is this Teppanyaki set. Although the portion is slightly little or may be it due to the fact that I’m a above average eater. However, the dishes are grilled to perfection. the salmon is grilled nicely without losing its taste. i had my fair share of grilled salmon and this is one of the best I had. The grilled outer part of the meat complimented well with the soft inner texture of the meat. Definitely unlike most salmon I had which are either over-grilled or under-grilled.

Delicious Teppanyaki Prawns

The chicken meat is grilled nicely as well and the prawn is just plain fantastic. Despite being a prawn lover, I’m not much of a fan into chewing its head. But this got me to do so. One bite into it, the juices flows out and filled your mouth with a very delicious prawn taste. Actually it was Henry who talked me into biting it since he said it is the best part of all.

The miso soup is good as well. I am not a big fan of miso soup but I don’t hate them as well. But their soup is very rich in flavor as well and I wouldn’t mind having seconds.

Chawan Mushi


The Chawan Mushi in Ishin is another highlight. Compared to most Chawan Mushi I had, in Pasta Zanmai, Sakae Sushi, Tao, etc, none can beat the Chawan Mushi here. Despite leaving the Chawan Mushi there for a certain period of time, I thought by then, it would turn cold already. To my surprise it did not and as I scoop a spoon out, smoke still comes out of it.

There’s another curry dish ordered by one of my senior Wai Hoong. He’s not in the picture because he arrived slightly late. I tried a bit of the curry though and it taste like Dahl. I definitely didn’t like it but it’s my own opinion. my apologies as I forgot to snap picture of it though.

Unagi Sushi

The last to arrive is this Unagi Sushi. What can I say? The large potion of unagi is already good for me. The taste is excellent as well and it just makes you want more of it. While the chef was preparing this, all the eyes was set on him and even the waitresses. To the extend, one of them blocked our view and which Henry said “Work here everyday also can see but must block my view when I want to see.”. LOL

What else can I say? This meal is very satisfying and it definitely worth the visit. although it’s a bit pricey to me but it is still worth it. Too bad that means I can’t be able to visit it often due to its price. For those who want to visit on a weekend, I recommend to make a booking first as I heard the place will be packed during weekend. I copied theer information from their website. Enjoy

Ishin Japanese Dining

No. 202, Persiaran Klang
Batu 3 3/4
Off Jalan Kelang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +60 3 7980 8228
Fax: +60 3 7981 0011

Operating hours for;

Lunch 12pm – 3pm
Dinner 6pm – 10.30pm

For reservation please call +60 12 268 3576


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