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Friday is here and after some weeks, I finally have a post back on Friday!! Still have to discreetly blog finish this in the office while my work is lingering around the corner waiting for me. I got to do what I got to do. But before I get started, any fans of Korean Pop here? The widely celebrated and also widely hated music industry today.I believe most fans of Kpop had at least once being criticized for listening to it. Serious shit. And this is a real life conversation that took part between me and my friend. So enjoy.


The story is like this. The other day I mentioned I went to the G. Dragon concert in Malaysia and I got questioned why do I listen to Kpop and pay to go to a concert that I can’t even understand what the he is singing. (Didn’t mention to him I got the ticket for free though and never intend to). So I went ahead and ask the questions you read above. Besides that, I actually ask if someone of other races like Malay or Indian were to listen to Chinese songs, is that ok surprisingly he said yes. This is just another example of forcing someone into a religion he or she believes in. I personally felt, music is not necessary something you need to understand to listen to. I sometimes don’t understand classical music, trance or club mix as well as usually they consists of no words at all.  It is usually how the beat and tune creates emotion. You do not need to understand design language (yes we designers have that in our designs) to appreciate designs. A very simple example is how certain people have certain criteria over the choice of their favorite cars. Car is the collective of the most intensive, extensive and detailed design languages one can ever imagine. It comes to even door gaps or the joining between body and mirror makes a difference and that is DESIGN LANGUAGE. Do you need to understand design language to appreciate design? No. But it is the design language that subconsciously alter your mindset to appreciate it. So, Kpop or not, G Dragon or not, music is something made to understand with collective amounts of elements. Love it or hate it but don’t go forcing down someone’s throat of your opinion.

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