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Dog Abuser – Who’s The Most Innocent Victims


I think this is pretty hyped up recently. Basically the news are everywhere! Everyone is sharing them on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, blogs, and whatever you can think of, it is there! The looks of things now, probably they will even print it on toilet paper rolls!

For those who are confused with what I’m talking about, I am referring to the dog abuser couple who forces a toy poodle named SUSHI to stand up. The dog will get a real can of whoop ass if it fails to stand up properly.

So here’s the video of the dog abuse.

Dog Abuser

But then I ask myself again and somehow there are other victims beside the poor dog Sushi. Actually by having Sushi as a name, I think the name already indicates bad ending. Why? Sushi will end up inside stomach and then as shit. Anyway back to the topic, there are other victims as well. However, nevertheless, the dog is still the most pitiful one.

The friends in this picture.

Seriously, imagine how will they feel now? Face posted like that. People end up associating them with the two psychos. Wah, I hate to be in their position right now. It will be like this whenever I go out.

A: Oh, so you are the friend of the dog abuser! Means you are not better than him!
B: But I love dogs!
A: Still same! Got such friend, sure the group also not so good wan!

Imagine the unnecessary  spotlight shine upon you. That really sucks. So I wonder, if I ever commit crime and my face was posted on Facebook as a wanted criminal with a bunch of friends, how would they feel?

Something like this?

I think my friends will be the first ones who want me dead!

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