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Efficiency Is Very Subjective.


Hello all. I’m back. Finally I have some free time to blog. So I would just blog about efficiency in our country. As we can see, Malaysians can be very efficient to the extend that the leaders of our country praises us for being so efficient. We are so good with out time management, we even set our own “Malaysian Time” because others just couldn’t keep up with us. We are so far advance that we do not need fast internet connection or optic fibre connection  to get connected to the world. We only need an over-priced snail speed connection to do so. Why? Coz we are moving too fast and we need something to slow us down so we can keep up with the world.


Why do I say we are very efficient? Easy. Coz our Prime Minister say so la…. I bet most of you know about the Datuk Sosilawati murder case right? And that murder case was cracked in a short period of time while at the same time solving a few other “murder” and “disappearance” cases. Am I right? Our beloved PM was all praises for the efficiency our police force shows. He was saying this and I quote,


“This success (of the police) is very encouraging. I congratulate the police force for having acted fast.”

I seriously laugh out when I read another article regarding how police found another 20 remains at Sungai Panchau. AM I THE ONLY ONE? Am I the only one who see this matter as the police FAILED to solved 20 plus murders before this? Am I the only one that think that the police can only solve this matter after 20 PLUS CRIMES that had been committed and yet this is call EFFICIENT?

I learned 2 things from this incident.

1. If you are not rich and famous in Malaysia, the police would not even bother to solve your case and just pile them up.

2. Efficiency is very subjective to everyone. And if this is the pace of them solving crimes and murders? I would say it is equivalent to old people having sex. Slow and unprofessional.

Another thing is our dear TM Streamyx which we all worshipped. Please take a look at how efficient the workers can be.


Wahh…got so many customers also can play facebook? Also can chat on facebook? Damn efficient weii…That’s all from me. Please leave a comment saying how you feel about this?

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