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In case any of you guys are confuse, I’m referring to the info in Facebook where you select whether you are single or in a relationship etc. And in case you are frowning to the fact that I’m stating the obvious, I’m taught not to make any assumptions because there a re a lot more retards in the world than you think.
So, declaring your status on your Facebook can sometimes be more amusing than you think. I admit that whenever someone changes their status on Facebook, I’ll be looking at it to make sure my assumptions are correct. And yes, I’m too free and had nothing else better to do on Facebook.

Ever-changing Status
Sure you guys have certain friends who kept changing their relationship status almost as often as they eat. One minute they are in a relationship, another minute it is complicated and then the next minute single. Finally they change back to in a relationship. And then, back to complicated and followed up by single. Then back again. Ok, you know what I mean right? It’s the same bloody cycle and it never stays permanent. I am not sure whether any of you think this way, but this shows that you are actually telling the whole world that you are having an argument.
Then every single of your friend will be shocked and kept commenting and offering words of comfort for a “break up” you know wouldn’t last long. As the cycle continues, you will realize not much people will care because they just brushes it off as a normal tantrum you throw. I know this serves a purpose of letting your boyfriend/girlfriend to know that you are very serious about it which unfortunately mostly just a piece of act. It comes to the time where friends no longer care and some might even label you as an attention seeker which you might be.

The “Like” Story
Probably the funniest thing I ever observed regarding this matter is the people who “Like”. For example, a girl went on to change her relationship status to “In A Relationship”, you can see many people will come over to congratulate and people of all sexes came over to “Like” the status. But when the girl changes from “In A Relationship” to “Single”, many come over to ask why and showing concern and there are people who “Like” it too. However, I bet majority of the people who “Like” the status of the girl are GUYS. What does this tells us?
When a guy changes to “In A Relationship” status, many people came over to “Like” and congratulate the guy. When the guy changes back to “Single”, and what happens? Yeah, rarely anyone comes to like especially girls. Unless you are a fucking good looking guy with tonned body, if not then I won’t see that happening and this is the time when even your size of your private part doesn’t matters. What does this tell us?
This just simply tell us that there are a lot of wolves in Facebook trying to stalk a girl especially if you are a hot one. Girls are much more sympathetic towards a broken hearted person which is why you don’t see many of them liking all this stuff unless the ex is one hell of a rubbish.

Your Status Determines Your Value
I know many people would not admit to this. But internet had proved to be a very good enhancer for one’s flirting skills. This shows why so many people tends to flirt online and there are many online relationship. I even have a friend who used to date a girl in Singapore for 2 years while he’s in Kuala Lumpur. Xiaxue is a good example as well and I bet there are many bloggers who found their other half through internet. This explains why there are certain people who do not want to change their “Single” relationship while they already in a relationship. They are waiting for bigger fish in the sea.
Apparently there are people who think that their value eventually drops when they set their status relationship online. I knew several girls who think and unfortunately one of them is my ex as well. And then guys will randomly add these girls as well. Don’t you agree? There are random people who will just add you and then come over to wall and “get to know you”? I do not know what’s wrong with girls who kept saying how perverted guys are and by doing this, they are actually wanting these “perverts” to take notice of them. And it’s even funnier when there are very few people who take notice them. Ok, somehow I’m telling about how’s my love is last time.
I absolutely agree that Facebook had done a great deal in bringing people closer and long distance relationship possible. Despite security and privacy issues, I still thinks that it brings more good than bad. Most important, it brings entertainment to my life and I don’t mean the games of having your own restaurant, farm, mafia, toilet, whore house or whatever. I think you guys get what i mean. So happy Facebook-ing people. Signing off.

God. I Love Facebook. Pictures courtesy from FAILBOOK.

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