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Fan Girls Story: I Made A Girl Cry


Hey! Tuesday! New comic! Anyway, I would like to clarify something, since all these upcoming posts, I couldn’t reveal much information so I decided to name this series as the Fan Girls Story. I renamed the title for the last comic like you can see. So if you guys had missed out the last week’s episode of Fan Girls Story, here is the link.

Fan Girls Story: The WTF Moment

Anyway, for this Tuesday’s episode, I made a girl cry. Ok, I actually made a FAN GIRL cry. Just so you know what do I work as at this place, basically I am suppose to be in charge of the area around the stage and also helping out in managing the crowd coming in. So here is the story.

Ok, she didn’t bawl out loud in terms of crying. Her eyes were wet and a little sob there. But she did say “What” and “No”. And she did refer to the artist as her hubby. After that, she ran to her friends, imagine this, using the most annoying girly complaining tone like a little girl complaining about her dad not getting her ice cream like promised, she said this. “YEEERRR. Dia kata dia tak perform malam ni!! Macam mana?? I nak nangis dah!!” Translation is “He said he is not performing tonight. What should I do? I feel like crying already!”

When I approached her to ask if she is not returning the next day, because I felt a little bit of a douche for making her sob and shits like that, she replied to me this. “Datang tapi I nak tengok dia hari ini”. Translation is “Coming but I want to see him today”. Feeling terribly annoyed with that answer, I turned around and walked away not giving a shit about her anymore.

I couldn’t even understand the logic behind that disappointment. She is practically sobbing for the reason her idol is performing the next day and not that particular day but she is also coming for that particular day. From the last post, I mention that you can’t reason with a person who entered the Fandom mode, I cannot be more true on this.

Seriously, can someone explain to me this?

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