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Fan Girls Story: Let Me Check Your Tag


It’s Friday and it’s a holiday for everyone residing the Malaysia’s Federal Territories! So Happy Holiday and for the rest of us, get back to work! Damn it. But worry not, here’s another Fan Girls story regarding fandom to cheer you up. Well, at least I hope it will. Before you continue to my comics, I would like to clarify that the following sequence is based on a true experience with very very very minor adjustments. So enjoy. For those who would like to read back my previous Fan Girls story, do check out the following links.

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So after the crowd and stuff, it is finally time to enter the concert area! And this is what happened.

For those who are not well versed in the Malaysian’s language, tepi sikit means move aside.

The scene that unfolds right in front of my eyes is like coming straight out from a gag manga or comic. The only exaggeration that I did or modified here is how the girl ended up. Obviously she didn’t flew high up away. Just to the side falling to the ground. But luckily there are people over there to cushion her and brought her back to her feet. I have never seen such act before. A fat girl charging towards the entrance and the crew was asking politely for her to stop awhile so she could do her job and check her tag. But she kept running and this causes the crew to panic and kept shouting stop stop stop. The fat girl not only did not listen, she eventually grabbed the crew’s shoulder and push her aside while yelling “TEPI SIKIT”. That scene was so epic, I almost burst out laughing on the spot.

Initially the security guard ask me the exact question I had written on the comic. He was surprised there are so many fat people in the front line. I did not said it out but I can’t helped to agree. And as soon as we saw that incident, the guard told me this “Patut lah diorang boleh kat depan.” which translates to “No wonder they can ended up in front”. It was really hard to muffled a laughter while trying to be serious at the same time.

If you are wondering what happened next, I had to ran over to the person and stopped her personally and check for her tags. Luckily she was put of breathe at that moment. This proves to you how scary Kpop Fan Girls or the Korean Pop Fandom can be. It is to the next level of crazy. So crazy, it should have its category of its own. Like of the security members described them as “screaming rampaging buffaloes”. I know, it is a bit of a jerk to label it that way.

If it is not for the 27th Golden Disk Awards, I would not be able to witness this level of madness. There are actually more stories to be told but I am not sure if it is any more appropriate to share. I’ll see what I will do. So what do you think of the stories so far?

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