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Foong introduce us to this place and my first visit, I found the cake was quite memorable and worth another visit. Why not right? I’m not a big fan of cakes but somehow, I like what I’m eating here in Food Foundry.

So I proceeded to Food Foundry one Saturday with Caroline to satisfy our cravings for it. Upon arrival, Caroline spotted the sign saying that there are Durian and Mango Crepe Cakes available. She was bugging me for it so I agree to have Durian Crepe Cake for the day.

Durian Crepe Cake (RM9)


The arrival of the Durian Crepe Cake was accompanied by a very strong durian scent. I thought to myself, this might be good. However, upon taking the first bite, I realized it is beyond good. Definitely fantastic. The durian taste just melted in your mouth and it makes me craved for more of it.

Since the durian crepe cake was that good, I thought to myself, the mango one might be not bad as well. Since both me and Caroline are mango lovers, I decided to order another Mango Crepe Cake.

Mango Crepe Cake (RM9)


I like how the Mango Crepe Cake taste but I still find it is lacking. It did not have a real strong mango taste and I found that the mango taste is not that “real”. Must be from preservatives. However, I still enjoy the cake and I rate it about 6/10 to me. The durian rates at 8/10 to me though. Eh, not easy to get more than 5/10 from me ok?

When the Meatball Spaghetti arrives, it made a strong impression with its appearance. However, one bite of the spaghetti, it tasted bad to me. The spaghetti is definitely overcooked and it is not el dente at all. The gravy is quite strong in flavour and the meatball tasted quite good as well. However, the spaghetti had spoiled it for me. I rate it about 4/10 if its not for the meatballs, it will be lower. It is quite expensive as well but I think it comes with a good huge portion.

Meatball Spaghetti (RM16)


Despite that, I still find their cakes to be excellent and I pack a few back home. I would definitely visit again for its crepe cakes but not for the spaghetti.

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