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You see, I’m kinda sick of hearing how some people complain about being friendzoned. It rarely happens to my friends before this. I blame it on 9gag and the Western culture for introducing the term Friendzone. It just makes the current society a little bit more fragile. I’ve seen (young teenagers especially) complaining about being friendzoned just after being turned down ONCE. ONCE?? SERIOUSLY?? ONCE??? In my days as a teenagers, I’ve seen many of my friends being turned down a couple of times but they persist and ended up being together. Where the hell are the balls to fight for the one you love? Isn’t that one of the most precious memories in high school and teenage years???


















There are probably several conditions that you need to access before in deciding why you are being friendzoned. Is she being in a relationship at the moment, is she a materialistic bitch, is she not looking for a long term relationship etc, well yeah, you got to know these conditions first. If she’s single and available, I cannot see why is there any problem with being friendzoned. Yes, you might be rejected in the beginning but with much dedication, once can easily change that.

Like I said, I knew someone who worked more than a year to get out of a friendzone. How willing are you to do it? If the girl is worth going after, I cannot see any reason why there shouldn’t be any effort into it. The most bizzare friendzone story I heard is a guy being friendzoned for over 40 years (over in a Hong Kong radio show), the girl was some sort of a playgirl, she dated numerous men, married and also lead several unhappy marriages. The guy basically just be there for her all the time, even took care of her kids, and he had finally moved from the friendzone area months before he pass away. If I could find that story, I will share it out on my Facebook page.


Well, that’s all from me. I initially had this planned out way longer but I decided to cut it short due to it’s becoming too long. BY THE WAY! Like my Facebook page if you like my comics! I will be doing some short comics over there once awhile.

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