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You see, I’m kinda sick of hearing how some people complain about being friendzoned. It rarely happens to my friends before this. I blame it on 9gag and the Western culture for introducing the term Friendzone. It just makes the current society a little bit more fragile. I’ve seen (young teenagers especially) complaining about being friendzoned just after being turned down ONCE. ONCE?? SERIOUSLY?? ONCE??? In my days as a teenagers, I’ve seen many of my friends being turned down a couple of times but they persist and ended up being together. Where the hell are the balls to fight for the one you love? Isn’t that one of the most precious memories in high school and teenage years???


















There are probably several conditions that you need to access before in deciding why you are being friendzoned. Is she being in a relationship at the moment, is she a materialistic bitch, is she not looking for a long term relationship etc, well yeah, you got to know these conditions first. If she’s single and available, I cannot see why is there any problem with being friendzoned. Yes, you might be rejected in the beginning but with much dedication, once can easily change that.

Like I said, I knew someone who worked more than a year to get out of a friendzone. How willing are you to do it? If the girl is worth going after, I cannot see any reason why there shouldn’t be any effort into it. The most bizzare friendzone story I heard is a guy being friendzoned for over 40 years (over in a Hong Kong radio show), the girl was some sort of a playgirl, she dated numerous men, married and also lead several unhappy marriages. The guy basically just be there for her all the time, even took care of her kids, and he had finally moved from the friendzone area months before he pass away. If I could find that story, I will share it out on my Facebook page.


Well, that’s all from me. I initially had this planned out way longer but I decided to cut it short due to it’s becoming too long. BY THE WAY! Like my Facebook page if you like my comics! I will be doing some short comics over there once awhile.

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  • Ernest

    the last frame. ahhh kimochi…
    you bastard made me laugh so loud!
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  • J_Fish

    Fun to be with = 300GB of Porn. XD

    Well the sad truth is that not everyone who works hard will eventually get out of the friendzone.

    I think the worst zone to be in is the exzone. That's where you die and never resurrect. Almost never.
    My recent post Rose

  • henrytan

    lol macam lectures! haha and i like how u reverse the situation too! LOL

  • kucing dengan tikus

    The last expression is epic XD hahaha

  • Wabbit

    erm… the last pic is so >.<

  • Pauline

    Hahahahahaha…. damn good stuffffff πŸ˜€

    I treat you as BRO! XD
    My recent post Attention Whore

  • choulyin

    agree πŸ™‚ friendzone is too maintream nowadays :/
    My recent post Sticky Sweets

  • Ken Wooi

    But, you're damn good! Loved the "I treat you like a BRO" part! Haha!
    Kimochi? Can eat wan ah?

    And you Golden Ball of Courage, looks like Golden Boobs of Sexiness! πŸ˜›
    My recent post The Ken Man Rises

  • foongpc

    Wah! So much effort put into this post! Nice! πŸ™‚
    My recent post Drinking Mandarin Orange Juice On The Streets Of Bangkok

  • foongpc

    But this post sounds like an inspiring post with some funny quotes thrown in LOL!
    My recent post Drinking Mandarin Orange Juice On The Streets Of Bangkok

  • foongpc

    I think the term 'friendzone' is overused. And I can't stand people complaining about being 'friendzoned'. πŸ™‚
    My recent post Drinking Mandarin Orange Juice On The Streets Of Bangkok

  • Cutebun

    I agree that some poeple gave up too easily and did not even try their best before being defeated.
    My recent post Huge Cafe – Talk about HUGE!

  • connie lam

    haha why must be porn? but well said! there's no forever friendzone and it depends how hard u willing to work for it.

  • Fornever Alone

    But it doesn't work that way. I think you need to understand ladder theory:

    • ericleeh

      The ladder theory like my post…are merely purely for entertainment and not a rule to live by. Remember that the ladder theory you promoted merely saying how some girls would go for unemployed biker, criminals and stuff but not nice guys. But they never mention WHY. Girls have two ladders. Friend ladder and fuck ladder. A relationship is both. Did the ladder theory suggest how to get on the fuck ladder or in a relationship? No. It just explains the situation. If you understand my post and the ladder theory enough, you would see the connection. I still stand by my point and your comment further proves why so many people will just willingly "ACCEPT" being in the friendzone as an explainable logic

  • Myqueen

    Girl….may be buy some online fashion
    for her…sure she will like it

  • bluedreamer1227

    hahaha thank you for making me understand the friendzone thingy,, i used to encounter such term in 9gag but don't know what exactly it mean
    My recent post Ozine Fest 2012 Part 2 : Mecha

  • bluedreamer1227

    okay since I know the meaning of it, i think i belong to this group as well… poor me muwahahahaha
    My recent post Ozine Fest 2012 Part 2 : Mecha

  • Missymiyen

    first time here. and i really really like your style! πŸ˜€

    my favorite frame: last one! kimochi!!! Hahahahaha! i love it XP
    My recent post Our Song – part 1

  • msbulat

    have always been in the BROzone. hahah πŸ˜€

    I have a guy friend who liked this girl since secondary school. The girl DID reject him and despite that he stayed as friends with her. Did everything a normal friend would (never overstepping the friend boundary/did things overboard) She too went on with her life and had relationships while still being friends with him. Not that he did not try to forget/start to like someone else instead but he just couldnt' do it. Finally, after like 9 years? She finally accepted him. they have been together for 2 years now and still going strong.


  • benjaminvai

    LoL. feel dam tired reading this.

    Lai lai. i help u sum it up.

    If you noob, u don get the girl.

    If you not so noob, u have fighting chance.

    If you super noob, u go find girl in the BRO-zone.

    If you pro like me, u bro-zone every girl at first sight, don care hot or not.

    OK , on a more serious not. Friendzone is actually a misdirection. LOL.

    cause when u are friendzoned, u put in a little more effort den u move into the "FriendsWithBenefitZone" , many don realize that haha… and ultimately , once you are in the "FriendsWithBenefitZone" the chances of you heading to the relationship zone is pretty high.

    But den again many decide to skip the "FriendsWithBenefitZone" and insted decide to take the "YouDon'tLoveMeTheWayILoveYouButIWillStillAlwaysBeHereForYouZone" which is the very sad zone.

    Still Don't understand shit that i just said? Well that's how confusing the term Friendzone is…

    The Real Advice
    If you get rejected by a girl, you can either bail out and be a true good friend OR understand what's wrong with you and pimp yourself up. LEVEL UP.

    and to YOU MR.ERICLEEH the comic blogger… I DON BELIEVE YOU GOT 300GB of porn! Don lie, IF YOU REALLY HAVE YOU SURE DIE ADY NOW!

    "Fuck what ever terms people have for a broken heart, if you are a guy and you cant get a girl, ITS YOUR FAULT." Buck Up and improve yourself, even if you cant get the girl in the end, you are still better den who you used to be.

    My recent post A trip to the morning market at Section 17 πŸ™‚

  • kianfai87

    well, I think all the while I get "friendzone" which is making me sick of hearing it.

    til now I stop and see what happen in the future . . . and golden ball of courage I got it all the while πŸ˜›
    My recent post Nuffnang Blogopolis in Malaysia! (2012)

  • Arin

    wallet was in their pocket. As I’m sure I satted before, Irish people tend to just hang out together, get drunk and then you wake up together the next day and if you liked what you saw/felt, maybe you have a boyfriend/girlfriend provided either of you can remember. We work on the principle that men and women are generally not averse to each other’s company, and we just don’t have this culture at all of playing games or coming up with complicated date ideas. Still, I enjoy reading about these elaborate dating strategies though, hehe what’s next, picnics and fireworks! Crazy, crazy kids πŸ™‚

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  • Cherry Castle

    In my opinion, those guys who are being friendzoned simply because they are being too nice to girls. Does anyone love a nice guy who is clingy and wussy? No one does. For young and hot girls, they want a “bad” guy. (Unless she has no options – those ugly got into bro zone girls.)

    Surely getting into the friendzone is not the end of the world and also not forever, but if the guy does not change his behaviour, attitude, mindset and take some action to improve his attraction level, he is continue to be in the frienzone. Either he will get out from it or continue to stay in it (probably forever).

    So guys, be a man. Don’t be a crying baby or wuss guy. Be bold and bad. Period.

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