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Fun At Sanook Kelana Jaya


It’s finally end of the year! Boy, how time flies. It’s been a good month last month, winning both an iPad and also Blackberry Torch 9860 and I will never achieve it thanks to everyone who’s been supporting me! I love you guys as much as I love my blog. It’s the same. So what are your plans for Christmas? I know Christmas would be a wonderful day for everyone to gather around with your family and loved ones to spend some quality time together.

Sanook is located at Plaza Kelana Jaya. A beautifully decorated restaurant by the lake. The environment is always calming and soothing over there, that I never really wish to leave each and every time I was there. If I would to choose the best place to chill or the most romantic place to be in this Christmas, I would definitely suggest this place to everyone.


Their Christmas Eve Dinner Menu consists of 5 courses which are the Appetizers, Soup, Main, Dessert and also an unlimited serving of Turkey on the side.

Italiano pan-fried scallop with breaded honey tiger prawn

To start things off, the appetizer will take the stage and to me, it’s a very unique combination of pan fried scallop, prawn and also some greens. It was a very delightful starters for the meal with the big juicy scallop. The sauce used to accompany the scallop is very appetizing as I tasted a slight hint of sourish flavor to open up your appetite. I too had no complaints over the addictive crunchy greens but the star of this dish is definitely the fried honey tiger prawn with bread crumbs. I am a prawn lover. The succulent prawn is perfectly fried with the bread crumbs and also honey and the gravy to go with it is simply perfect. Who knew that honey and tomato gravy would make such a goo combination to open up your appetite.

Complimentary Bottle of Bolzano Tempranillo red wine for 2

I wasn’t really much of a red wine fan as I rarely drinks. But I got to admit, this bottle of wine is definitely a perfect sweet bitter combo for this Christmas Eve meal.

Fresh black mussel soup Mediterranean style

A first look at this soup I was surprised by how it appears. The soup looks more like gravy rather than soup and I initially thought this was a different dish altogether. However, I can understand as soon as I took a sip of the soup and also a bite of the bread. the soup is very rich in flavor and its thick texture will immediately let you know how rich are the ingredients used. The soup is flavorful of seafood such as shrimps, squid, mussels etc and it goes perfectly well with the bread. To be honest, this soup is best served with the bread only as I found drinking solely of the soup, I could not taste the flavor entirely. By using the bread to absorb the soup befo

Pan-fried salmon with tempura baby crab

There were two choices of main for this menu. One of it is the pan-fried salmon with tempura baby crab. This photo probably doesn’t do much justice on the fish fillet as it is huge in portion. The only reason the fish fillet looks small is the plate is too big and makes the salmon looks smaller than it is. It was very filling and I like how the gravy tasted with the salmon. I found out that Sanook’s gravy are mostly unique and I might say this is their plus point. I usually prefer my salmon to be fried golden brown but being grilled this way would just be much healthier and the flavor of the salmon is being brought out nicely. The side dish of tempura baby crab too is delicious. It brings a totally different taste and experience compared t the salmon which it was placed nice together. It tasted good that I think it should be a separate dish on its own. As finger food perhaps.

Grilled rib-steak ala Americano

Probably the best of the night. The grilled rib steak is so perfectly grilled, its tender and juicy meat almost melted in your mouth the moment you took a bite of it. The gravy is once again excellent and as this wasn’t my choice of mains for the night, I had been silently cursing myself for not requesting for this steak. The crispy grilled outer layer of the steak perfectly surrounds the juice medium done meat texture on the inside. A bite of it, you will taste its heavenly crispy meat and as you sink your teeth further, the soft and tender texture of the meat completes your meal. The mushroom gravy blended together perfectly with the steak that it would make you want for more. Tell me why again do I not choose this dish?

Sweet creamy honey pineapple studel in wantan skin

If I were to judge, this probably one of the weirdest combination of dessert that I had in my life. A wantan skin? Probably besides those conventional wantans, I never had any dessert served with wantan skin and a fried wantan skin to boot. To my surprise, the wantan skin goes perfectly well with the sweet savory ice cream and honey. I was taken aback and surprised how good it tasted. And to top it off, the usage of some slightly sourish fruits such as strawberries, kiwi, blueberries and pineapples gave a totally unique experience. There will be 3 different flavors of sweet, sour and slightly salty having a party in mouth and I love it. Not your typical pastry skin or biscuit is used but wantan skin is definitely a very creative dish. Probably my only complain is there isn’t much wantan skin and ice cream to go along with the fruits.

Stuffed Roast Turkey

There are so many ingredients being used in preparing this turkey, I probably can’t name them all. I would say the turkey was roasted to perfection and accompany with its specially prepared gravy, I would say this turkey is quite a dish on its own. However, I would prefer to gravy to not be too thick as the turkey’s meat is slightly dry. A slight less thicker gravy, would make this turkey an excellent dish by balancing of its dry texture of the turkey.

At only RM 133+ per pax and it comes with a complimentary bottle of Bolzano Tempranillo red wine to be shared by 2 persons. You could enjoy 15% discount if you book before the 15th December! It is only available on the 24th December 2011 ( Saturday evening ). If you looking for a romantic dinner with your loved one or looking to do something special on that special day, you can give this one a try.
Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar (Free Wifi)
C-06 Plaza Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Business Hours: Monday to Saturday (Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm & Dinner 6:00pm – 11:00pm)
Contact no.: +603-7877 3636
Website: www.sanooking.com
GPS coordinates: 3° 5’ 40.66” N, 101° 35’ 52.61” E


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