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Funny Moments During My CNY


I had always look forward to Chinese New Year my whole life. For what? For the Ang Pows, for the gambling and for the food. It was a fun celebration for me but it had never been filled with humors worth sharing to the public. However, in this year’s Chinese New Year, things got a little bit different and a whole lot better. Most probably that me and my sister are apart from the family for such a long time and everyone tends to loosen up and have fun. And I would like to say the highlights of my Chinese New Year this year is all the funny moments.

1. Temple
I went over to pay respect to my late grandfather which is something I did not do in a while. When I went over there, my siblings spotted this.

DAMN TERRER (the word some people use to describe awesomeness) WAN LE…….DON’T PLAY PLAY…Probably the fortune teller can even predict the exact time you shit and pee. Terrer or not? Scared already right?

2. I’m not Google
This comes to a point of annoyance when my mother keep thinking I’m Google. Actually not only her, my friends do as well. These are the several examples.

Coming to a new area
Friend: Eh, Eric. What’s nice to eat here?
Me: How the fuck I’ll know? This is my first time being here and you drive out more often then I do.
Friend: Do you think this shop sells nice food.

Talking about a new basketball shoe
Friend: The new shoe damn nice la.
Me: Is it? Never seen it yet.
Friend: How much they sell here?
Me: How the fuck I know? I didn’t even seen that shoe before.
Friend: Oh ok. Do you think the shop have it now?

Searching For A Place
Friend: Eh, Do you know how to go there?
Me: No, I don’t. I thought you suppose to know? You are the one bring me out.
Friend: Yeah, I know. I forgot where is it. Do you think the place should turn right or go straight.
Me:What the fuck man……. =_____=

And what my mom did during the last holiday? This.
Mom: Eh, come here quickly.
Me: Huh? What?
Mom: How do u make calls with this phone.
Me: Huh? Whose phone is it? Never see before also?
Mom: Your dad’s. He got it last week.
Me: Look, mom. I just came back from johor and this is the first time I see this phone. How should I know?
Mom: I ask you how to call la. You talk so much for what. Press what to call?
Me: ……..
Yeah, I had to explore the phone before telling her how to call. I think she overestimated her son’s knowledge.

3. The Joke of The Year
Remembered I post a blog post regarding on the crazy things my parents said? Well here it is again. I love my parents and after hearing these conversation from them. I simply love them more.

Me: I think he look a bit sissy.
Mom: What sissy? Didn’t you see him place his hand in his trousers to scratch his penis?
Me: What? Sissy don’t feel itchy wan meh?
Mom: Yeah la.
Dad: You sure that’s a penis?

There are a few others that my parents said simply priceless but I don’t think I should share them around here. With my father’s cool personality around us, you definitely wouldn’t expect that from him.

That’s all for now. This is just a short post but I hope it entertains you guys. How’s your CNY turns out? XD

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