Gaining Weight

Gaining weight at an alarming rate is probably one of the few main reason why I decided to take up something I absolutely loathe which is jogging. Don’t be mistaken, I did it to lose weight and not gaining them. Yeap. It runs in the family. I’ve been getting many comments on how much wider I look. Don’t worry. No offence taken. LOL. It’s not something I’m ashamed of and I don’t mind. But, let’s face it. It is definitely not a good sign for myself.

During, Jian’s farewell dinner, somehow Chee Ching got into a discussion with Caroline regarding how much different I look when I first knew Caroline. This is the following conversation although it is not 100% copy of it since I can’t really remember but it depicts what actually took part.






No offence Chee Ching for making you sound like a jerk! LOL! This is what happen. Apparently, from how I was described, Chee Ching assumed that it would take me many many years to be in the state I’m in today. Well, actually, my weight isn’t that much different but I still don’t get why the scumbag body of mine decided to make it look otherwise. Probably one of the funniest incident that happened to me this year. Haha.


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  1. I am FIRST!!
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    • i'm second in sequence…lol

  2. Hahaha!! So funny!! Your neck is more prominent one and a half years ago? LMAO! xD
    My recent post My Lunch At Pier 21 And Jeffer

  3. Your weight did not increase a lot but your body shape changed a lot? Is that possible? Hahaha!! xD
    My recent post The Hollywood Floor At Terminal 21 Bangkok

    • actually got increase la…just that not as much as it my assumption is fats increase n muscle shrank

  4. Haha! Look at Caroline ROTFLHAO (rolling on the floor laughing her ass off)!!! Damn funny!
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    • that''s consider nice already…LOL

  5. time to do some workout eric! =P
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    • ada jogging wut!!! XD

  6. Haha! Made Chee Ching sound like a jerk? LOL!
    My recent post The RM1 Chicken At Dragon-i Restaurant

    • hahahahaha memang wut…

  7. Eh you hate jogging? I don't mind jogging! LOL! :)
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    • the most boring activity ever!!!!

  8. The last frame totally made me laugh out loud HAHA.
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    • hahaha that wouldn't happen in real life

  9. HAHAHA! u draw caroline's laughing expression after you said a year and a half ago dam sibeh epic! i really burst out laughing! LOL!
    eh join us for badminton next time la! way more fun than jogging!
    My recent post Being Random On Saturday (B.R.O.S.): Meme Time?

    • please ajak him next time! LOL! I brought him for badminton, at first he say dnt like, but ended up he's d one played it! :p
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      • zzzzzzzzz i still hate it n i play it coz u all bising

    • ai yoooo……me tak suka sangat badminton la…hahaha basketball la jom!!

  10. must maintain bro.. need to look good during.. ahem.. marriage 😛
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    • eh…Now i dun look good is it? hahahaha

  11. OMG! Carol made you preggars! 😛

    • hahahha best comment ever…must have been la

  12. It will only get worse after your marriage. :p I know better. Haha
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    • it's already worse man…

  13. But then again we also need to stay fit for health reason. I'm quite worried about this. :(
    My recent post Loitering @ MidValley For 5 Hours

    • hahaha a reason why I jog….health…

  14. it means, u r very happy lor. hang fook. that why prosper.

  15. LOL it's quite surprising that your body weight didn't change and just body shape change!
    Maybe what you need is some toning exercises instead of jogging 😀

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    • my assumption is fats increase n muscle shrunk…LOL

  16. I missed Jian's farewell party~ actually, I didn't know there was one. If i knew, I would've somehow created time to go.

    Lol. I'm easily bloated as well. My best record is 10kg in a year. and after 4 years, that 10kg is still there~ and adding up a few more… huhu… I hate myself~ T_T

    Your drawing is a bit different this time?
    My recent post Cheering up your Thursday a bit XD

    • err…actually Jian's farewell was organized by other ppl and I was also invited last minute…it's actually just dinner with him when he came to KL for awhile which I believe he once tweeted about it n they just ask him then…

      ahhhhh i gain 15 in a year…from 60 to 75…..worse than you…lol

      yes, the drawings is different. I wanted a better version than the last drawing so hence the

  17. lolx. Sad to say but I do agree with CheeChingy's thinking that after 10 years…

    • WOI!!!! skinny ppl like you showing off here is it??? hahahaha dun worry man, it won't happen!!

  18. so bad! lol :) good post bro! sit up is the assignment man XD
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  19. You worries about your weight? Come sit beside me man, you'll look super thin :)
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    • DUDE!!! you are TALL!!! given my height, i'm probably fatter…lol

  20. hahaha~ funny~
    jia you in ur workout plan ya~~!!
    Dont do it over, just do it constantly will be great enough.
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    • hahaha i will definitely work hard in sleeping since sleeping reduces weight

  21. Looking back 6 yrs back of my hubs and now….you would not be surprised anymore..LOL. Most important keep yourself healthy la…
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    • LOL….can understand that..quite common for many married couple…n yea…health is the most important one

  22. I was wondering the same thing, how come I look fatter but the weight is the same? Until I bought a new weighing scale… LOCKOUT movie review

  23. I’ve been maintaining my weight since after high school and that was 9 years ago! Haha… anyway, do more exercise if you can’t cut down on food intake. Pick up some outdoor activities or maybe u can actively join runs around klang valley. At least you get to join those big running events and get lotsa freebies :) Take care man

  24. well, swimming is better then jogging 😀

  25. I certainly agree with what you have said. I myself do not want to gain weight but I can't stop myself from eating foods. Thus, self control is very essential.
    My recent post How To Become A Super Affiliate!

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