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Gender? Differences? Screw It Part 1


Had been slacking off and getting lazier. I actually thought of blogging about this several days ago but I just didn’t get my mood back for blogging. Anyway, I guess most of us notice that we tend to group certain characteristic based on gender. Am I right? Am I right to say that women always label men as idiots and men always regard women as noisy at some point in their relationship? Well, I do not that humans are that much different by having a different gender. Yes, it is obvious that there are certain things cannot be avoided due to hormones but not that much different actually.

So, in this blog post, I’m gonna list out several common opinions regardless of sex. Just for the fun of trying to screw the minds of male chauvinists and feminists.Excuse the language in this post as I did not write in such way for a long time. Those who can’t tolerate foul language then please leave now.

Men Are Idiots

I would not deny that fact of coz. I mean most of us are idiots and majority of us are superficial idiots. However, to have a girl to like anyone of us idiots out there, I certainly do not think that only guys are idiots. In conclusion, humans are idiots. We all have our own little mistakes and none of us are perfect. When the girls stressed that men are idiots and start spewing our flaws, to me, they are just equally as bad for not realizing that they too have flaws. For example, if you somehow get EQUAL marks in an exam with a total idiot, will you still say that particular person is an idiot and you are not?

I’m not to judge whether which is the smarter sex as it seems equal to me. Men who had sinned will definitely get a harsher judgment than women. And what really ticks me off sometimes is when women kept judging male based on every single shit they hear from their girlfriends, internet and even movies. I do not meant to insult anyone’s intelligence but I seen girls bullshitting about guys after a movie scene which usually went like this.

(Some guy did some shit on some movie)
Girl A: Yerr, look at that guy. So bad. So pity the girl.
Girl B: Yeah la. All guys like that wan. Idiots.

The next thing you know, a movie is made and claiming that the entire earth is made of alien’s droppings. Then, people would start to believe so. Seriously, that how it seems. I even had a lot of argument with my ex after some serious shit movie she saw. Claiming how bad are guys and how I am like the ambassador for men so indirectly every faults point to me. If I am that great, I would definitely not end up with her in the first place. Wait, probably coz I’m an idiot and that’s why I end up there. Yeah, FML.

Women Are The Weaker Sex

I would not deny that men are more superior in terms of physical strength but to me, it doesn’t count that way. Sad to say, nowadays, most men seem to have their balls ripped off from them during birth. Sometimes, I contemplating searching for sex change ad and directly throws it to their face. They might act all tough and macho but deep down they are just plain pussy on the inside. I knew some of them and sometimes I wish I can just castrate them and take their manhood and shove it up their arse. Want to know what makes me wanna do that? Here’s the few examples.

Asking his gf to buy condoms. Seriously, this is one of the fucking lamest thing I’ve heard a guy done. And the gf is my friend of coz but not gonna reveal names here. You wanted to have sex but you are just too pussy to buy a condom to cover your own dick? Might as well get a dildo and shove it up your own ass right? I do not know how the world goes but to me, a person got to take responsibility. And from what I see, this guy definitely felt ashamed and do not have any balls to buy even a pack of condom? I seriously salute the girl for having more balls than him. Who say women are the weaker sex?
Men had definitely been regarded as the more charismatic sex because they have balls for voicing out. Sadly, I’ve seen too many wannabes that only know how to talk. I knew this guy who can go on and on about what he will do and what he can do but when it comes to the time that really matters, somehow his balls just retracted and even forces a girl to do the work. By claiming that he’s helping her and shits like that, but obviously, he’s just making excuses to cover up for his lack of balls. Who say women are the weaker sex?

That’s all for part 1. Probably will come out with part 2 as soon as I get back from Singapore. Sorry for those blogs I didn’t comment on lately. I do read them but my fucked up connection prevents me from commenting. I even had a hard time logging in my own blog. Luckily Facebook and Twitter unaffected. Dunno why. Till then. See you guys. Leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I get back. XD

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