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Gender Equality


I did blog about this before but that was long long time ago during the Friendster Blog Age. So I decided to repost this. Gender Equality is a term. It is a lie, an excuse and a myth. My point is, gender equality never exists and will never ever exist. It’s just a myth.

“Gender Equality” is just a term, a term that is widely used by women as an excuse in bid to win any arguments, disagreements and to send the balls of male species into hiding. I’m not a male chauvinist to begin with but let’s face it, the term gender equality only being used by the women. Women themselves know that this is only a myth and they also know that by using this excuse, most men WOULD give in in order to avoid being labeled as a bully, male chauvinist and sexist.

Do women and men have equal rights? No, we don’t. How many times have this happen to you no matter you are a guy or a girl? Girl would often fight for something unfavorable towards them for example an election for some committee? In my time during school, somehow there’s a club which I joined but I can’t remember is which, a girl could not become the club’s president despite gathering the most vote and she had to give up the position to a guy who lost to her. Many of the girls there cried foul over that matter citing the ever popular term of gender equality. Before any of you develop a biased perception towards me, I VOTED for her instead of that guy. These sort of situation at times too puzzled me as I don’t believe gender will determines who is better for a post. Changing to another scenario. When it comes to heavy or annoying task, girls would just ask the guys to do everything by using the ever popular excuse as well which is:

“You guy mah…I girl mah….Don’t complain and go act like a man!”

Funny right? How they could change form one excuse to another? Not only girls, some guys too used that as an excuse which I perfectly don’t understand the point of citing that. God had created both men and women to be different. We are meant to be treated differently so why gender equality?

History Proves It

History had proven from time to time that there is no such thing as gender equality. Women used to be abused, treated as sex slave and many more. There are all sorts of abuse done towards womankind even until today. One of the funniest legal abuse of women to me is polygamy marriage. Men been using that as an excuse for infidelity and to bed different women at the same time legal. Some religion supported polygamy claiming it is men’s rights to spread their seeds over to ensure the population of mankind. Sorry to say this to all the religions I’m gonna offend, but this is the lamest excuse ever.

Men on the other hand at most time being seen in a very much favored position however it is not. Due to the past, it is very easy for women to basically accuse anyone of rape. Guys on the other hand, had a hard time convincing others and at some point, to themselves that they are sexually abused. It is easy to press charges against men for sexual assault but not towards women. Sexual assault do not only limit to forced intercourse but it also includes verbal speech, action and any other suggestion that would abuse a person mentally or physically. If a woman rape a man and the man lodged a report, then the rapist woman just claimed that is the guy who rape her, which story would you believe in? For those innocent minds over there, when you come out with a stupid excuse because men enjoys more during sex than women then let me tell you that it is scientifically proven that women enjoy it more and just that they seldom get to climaxed or orgasm.

All this is due to the belief and perception that male is the more dominant species and hence in most case, women are favored over men. The reason for why most women uses “Gender Equality” as an excuse is because the excuse had bought them so far. It had bring them to gain equal recognition in political field, economic aspect ad most important, family inheritance.

What Guys Can, What Girls Can’t

There are a lot of things that a guy could pull it off without any problem while girls can’t. And there are a lot of things that a girl can do but guys seriously won’ be able to pull it off. A guy can simply take off their tops and walk around topless and not much people would actually give a damn. Ask a girl to do the same, well, if you are able to find one, she should be in Ripley’s Believe It or Not. If she do it, people from all walks of life, guys or girls, would immediately retrieve their camera phones to take pictures.

Girls would pretty much get away with crying over a sad movie or accidentally cut themselves. When a guy does that, seriously who would not laugh at us? We will definitely be teased as un-macho, sissy and at some point, ball-less. There are a lot of things and if I continue babbling, I would never end.

Double Standards

Basically there are double standards everywhere in this world and hence there are no such thing as gender equality to begin with. Because with gender equality, no one will be happy be it guys or girls. Let’s take this for example, clothes for women are ALWAYS cheaper than men’s. They could just basically fish out RM20 for a top while we have to fish out almost double that price to get a top with same quality. Don’t give me bullshits like how guys’ clothes need extra cloth so it is more expensive because from what I observed, the LESS cloth it is made, the MORE EXPENSIVE it is. Ever found a bikini swimwear worth less than RM5 as I had seen women’s T-shirts at RM5 a piece.

Is there any clubs that offer a special Men’s Night? I won’t refer to gay pubs or clubs because I am not sure if they have such nights and I only refer to normal clubs. I never club before actually(I can sense some eyes are rolling now but screw you coz it’s true) but I never heard any of my friends went to a night called Men’s Night. they often go to this Ladies Night and get free drink or whatever privileges there are while we guys too had to pay like any other normal days. Where’s gender equality when you need it.

Time Changes Everything

As time goes by, the balance between men and women will begin to shift. In most cases, men are no longer the more dominant force. We can see more women controlling men than men controlling women. So where’s gender equality? Before we realize it, the world actually favors women more than men in a lot of cases. Is just that in certain cases, women are much more sensitive when men are being favored and the matter of gender equality is being brought forward again. So when someone try to start an argument on gender equality, ask them to snap out of it and wake up. Talk about gender equality when women don’t mind taking off their tops in public. If that would happen, the world will be much more exciting. XD

That’s all from me today. Let me hear what do you have to say about gender equality. So excuse me when I go make a proposal to government to create jobs for male cleaners in ladies bathroom or toilet. Why? Gender Equality ma…..All those cleaner aunties can enter boy’s toilet like that only.

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  • Miss Hanz

    I think I blogged about this before and you have also gave the same stand as above, but I stand by my arguement; physically, we are different. But mentally we're equally capable. It's one thing to want to open the door for a lady because you're a gentlemen, another if you think she's too weak to do it.

    As for the toilet thing, since most men think with their dick, I would assume it is highly plausible for a man to peek at a woman than vice versa.

    All your arguments sounds funny because you are confused with what gender equality means. We want the same rights as a man, but it doesn't mean we want to BE a man. In the end, equally capable as we are mentally, we are still different psychographically. Thanks to superficiality in the world, women dress up to impress men. Therefore we buy more clothes. Guys don't. So thus, cheaper clothing. As for ladies night, here's a thought: Ladies night : loads of ladies. Men's night: Loads of men. Who usually pays in the club: Men. Men would not pay money to see men. Therefore, marketing strategic-wise that is not a good plan.

    And I don't know who started with the "only men pays in clubs" thing so I can't argue with you there.

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