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Hey! It’s Friday! So what will be your plan for a weekend? Going for a holiday? Hanging out with friends? Working? Or lining up to buy the iPhone? Ok, that only implies to Malaysians as iPhone 5 officially launches today which is 14th December 2012. But let’s forget all that and enjoy the stripe that I had prepared for you this very day!

I was following Caroline to an iPhone 5 launch by one of the local telco company and surprisingly the first in like is a 16 year old kid who is lining up for his SECOND and I repeat SECOND iPhone 5 since 5.30pm. This is quite baffling because that means he already bought an iPhone 5 for himself from oversea and he wanted to purchase another one. Not sure if he wanted to sell it off or not but he is a freaking 16 year old. Which means he just reached the legal working age this year and I doubt he can earn that much to purchase two iPhone 5 within half a year. What the hell is his parents thinking?

Probably I sound like a jealous old fart which I admit at this point because imagine the amount of money I could have and spent on better stuff. This just proves how devastating Apple had came into influencing people into buying their overpriced phones. Owh! I even forgot to mention he has an iPad with him that moment. Well, at least that’s what I heard.

So this is how far a parent can spoil a child? I have to say I am happy for the kid for being born to wonderful and loving parents. But then again, is this the right thing to do?

So how about you? Will you buy 2 iPhone 5 for oh, I don’t know, throw at dogs may be?

P/S: This is just my personal opinion regarding that matter and I do not force anyone of you to agree with me to this. If you are bitter over my statement, I deeply apologize  because I don’t really give a crap about it.


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  • Ernest

    punch that kid in the face. do it! do it now!
    -jealous old fart

  • Nana Eddy

    Have to agree.
    No matter how rich you are, you shouldn't pamper your children with money.
    They'll literally rot and die and suffer if , god-forbid they lost all those wealth.
    Plus, they also tend to be overly-pampered, annoying, prickly, ignorant, rude, idiotic jerks. (not all, but many of them are. in my line of work, I see em everytime and I feel like I wanna slap them hard everytime)
    Kids should know the value of money. 2nd iphone 5 is just tooooooo much.
    Heck, i wouldn't even buy the first one unless I have too much money that I don't know what to do with it – which i foresee will never happen. lol
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  • akiraceo

    Kids nowadays. 😐

    16 years old, I was working my ass off in a cafe.

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  • kianfai87

    hmmm should be the parent poo the gold bar then XD

    yah this is also my first time heard that 16 years old boy wanna buy – upgrade iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 . . . he should thinking right now (hater should hate) LOL!
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  • Tony Teh

    we just have to accept that chinese kids these days are blessed with younger and capable parents. Jackie Chan's Chinese Zodiac (CZ12) review
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  • Martin

    Who is the Son and Who is its Father now…The answers circulate each mind…as the discussion will continue to end. Gold or i-series era is changing rapidly with new market strategies. What lies is only the common character of emotional attachment with the dear ones…

  • iphone App

    Today’s kid from all corner of the world has been born with technological advancement in their mind set-up. So no need to make them learn in areas of gadgets and where these are just jokes were simply a dream 30-40 years before…at the true old times of the technical world. The giants have been bringing up new applications crowding the each emotional market with minds too…
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    • Kathy

      I swear I already commented, but apparently I just dreamed it!Last year I wussed out and did much of my winter training on the treadmill. One day I took the day off work and tried to run outside. After dodging slush and ice and rock-hard bits of snow I decided I hated winter running. But then I bought a pair of YakTrax, was able to run outside along side freaking crosu-cosntry skiers and decided I liked winter running. Just as long as it’s not in a blizzard!

  • joseph

    I guess the boy and his parents are filthy rich and they literally pass out gold bars from the rear.
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