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Recently, there is this case happening in Malaysia. Regarding how an athlete was freed of rape charges and some people said that he deserved a second chance, he had some bright future in his life and in helping his country and (insert whatever bullcrap you can think of). Here is one of the related news if you are interested in reading about the rape case of Noor Afizal.

Here’s a similar illustration I did on what I felt towards the whole fiasco.

Not exactly the judge’s granddaughter but I wondered if what he would do if that’s the case. Initially, he was sentenced to a 5 years of jail term (way too lenient as well if you ask me) but the Appeal Court decided to put aside the decision of the High Court and in fact, let the person walks away from jail time. With an amount of fine that I would believe his family have no problems in paying.

Somehow it makes me wonder, if people like these are easily forgiven, what about LBGT community? To make things worse, that particular community is not doing any harm to the society in my opinion.

And on the other hand, here’s another example of a case.

Putar Halim = a malay language definition of twisting the fact

If you are wondering, the above illustration are based on a true case in Malaysia. Read it here.

Sometimes, the law gets very questionable to the public. No matter how you try to explain to me, I do not think stealing items worth less than RM100 be considered a heavier crime that statutory rape. Is it a matter of family background that comes into play? Sometimes, I wonder if the air pollution had gotten so bad that it causes most people to breathe in too much carbon that it carbonized their heart into coal.

Want to take a guess which country am I referring to?

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