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Grand Feast at Grand Dorsett Subang Jaya


This would be the last of my Christmas menu series. Phew! Definitely had been a long run. For me actually seeing how seldom I actually updated my blog. Nevertheless, let me present to you one of the finest buffet that I ever been to. I’ve been hearing many good things about this hotel from Caroline ever since she went to do a review for them. Hence, I set my expectations higher and pray that I would not be disappointed.


Made Entirely From Bread

Another Bread Sculpture

Upon entering this hotel, we were greeted by many bread sculptures. I initially thought they were made of plastic but confirmation from the General Manager and me touching it, it’s real, I can guarantee that. It’s amazing how these bread artisans can come out with such art and even at such detail as well. Their attention to details is something I would not take lightly of as these are the qualities needed to create successful products. Can’t wait to check out their masterpiece.

Chicken Sausage Salad

Salad Bar 1

Salad Bar 2

Now, I’m not a fan of salad. I mean, seriously, if someone other than my family members or Caroline tries to force some salad to me, I would seriously take it and throw it back at their faces. Don’t get me wrong, I like vegetable, there’s usually something about the sauce/seasoning used to prepare salad that makes it unbearable for me. I will whine whole day even if Caroline or my family members force me to eat them.

But the salad at Grand Dorsett is different altogether. Probably is due to how beautifully decorated the salad was, I was really tempted to actually try it on my own without being forced. I tried the prawn salad, calamari salad, chicken sausage salad and even Caesar salad and I love it. I might not be a qualified judge for salad as I rarely eats them but these salad are seasoned and garnished perfectly, it definitely opens up my appetite well.

Turkey Preparation

Roasted Turkey

Beef Wellington with Shallot Glaze Sauce

Probably the star of the night was the customary Roast Turkey and also this Beef Wellington Shallot Glaze Sauce. The turkey was roasted perfectly and surprisingly, the meat was quite tender as I expected turkey meat to be slightly dry and tough. Served with several sauces for you to pick on, the turkey was by far one of the best I had in this year. This Beef Wellington with Shallot Glaze Sauce would be slightly hard for me to describe. The meat is rather juicy and it had a unique taste that I couldn’t describe it till now. Overall, it was actually quite good. I think my knowledge towards this food industry is too limited for me to describe it.


Tempura Prawns

I love prawns but hardly tempura prawns despite how I was always tempted to order it whenever I’m in a Japanese restaurant. I often find tempura prawn tasted slightly bland and sometimes it made the juiciness of the prawn’s meat to disappear altogether. This tempura prawn is quite flavorful to my surprise. The fresh and succulent prawns’ taste are well preserved although being fried that way.Well done!

Seafood Paela Rice

Fried Noodles

I love rice despite how much rice actually hated me by putting more weight on me whenever I eat it. This seafood  paela rice is actually very unique in taste. It tasted slightly like fried rice and I love the uniqueness of its flavor. However, I can’t help but to feel the rice to be slightly overcooked. No complains to the fried noodles though. The noodle was cooked just right with the right chewy texture just the way I like it. It’s not too dry and the noodle is very flavorful indeed.

Asam Laksa

There is also an asam laksa corner for you to make your own laksa with all its ingredients and broth readily prepared there.


BBQ Seafood

BBQ Seafood 2

Grilled Mutton

Only available on weekends would be their Barbeque or Grilled corner at the outside of the restaurant. I got only one word to describe the food from this section. Fantastic. Seeing the whole roasted lamb being hanged like that is already appetizing. I tried the grilled mutton and it was absolutely delicious. Grilled to perfection of a crispy outer layer and the juicy and tender meat on the inside could never go wrong. With the choice of black pepper and also mushroom sauce nearby for  dipping, the meat is definitely heavenly. I rarely had such a nicely grilled mutton and this would be the first. Not to forget the ever fragrant satay were available nearby as well but the star of this corner is none other than the drilled mutton itself. I might be biased since I’m a mutton lover but I don’t think I made any wrong judgement here.

Chicken Kerutub

Buffet Spread

Braised Prawn in Spicy Coconut Milk

There were lots of other food displayed on the buffet spread and I particularly like the Chicken Kerutub. Another unique dish for me as I never heard of such dish. There is a hint of spiciness of rendang and also slightly fried chicken. Not bad I would say.

Assorted Sushi


Salmon Sashimi

For Japanese lovers, they have sushi over here as well. I fare them slightly above average. The prawns and salmon on the other hand was very fresh indeed. I had multiple servings of them. So go figure.

Dessert Spread

French Apple Pie

Dessert Spread


The one thing that Grand Dorsett should really be proud of in their buffet spread would be their variety of desserts. French Apple Pies, Chocolate Cake, tarts, and many more that I could not even name, are not only a sight to behold, they are an absolute masterpiece for your consumption. They taste as good as they look and they had one thing I really love. Which is not too sweet. The sweetness of their dessert selections, be it pies, tarts or cakes are just right and you would never stop eating them once you started. According to the General Manager, their pastry chef and bread artisan is a very experienced chef previously worked in 5 star restaurants in Germany. That is the kind of portfolio that could convince your customer that they are in for a treat. I love ice cream and chocolate but I do not share the same love for pastries or cakes. This night, I had to beg to differ as the desserts here are absolutely amazing. You got to try the food to believe it,

Chocolate Fondue

Ice Cream Selection

Fruits 1

Fruits 2 (Pomelo)

Aside with the customary ice creams, chocolate fondue and fruits available, I found that the fruits used in Grand Dorsett are very fresh indeed. They are nicely sliced in generous portions and their sweetness is definitely not a common thing you can find in any buffet restaurant you can find in town. For once, I’m more tempted by the fruits rather than  the ice cream.

My Ice Cream

Overall, my experience in Grand Dorsett is a very satisfying one. The food available here are really good and each of the food cooked are ensured with their quality. I kid you not that the food here are really good. I would suggest booking and make your way here during the weekends as that’s the only period where the awesome grill is available. I stuffed myself silly that day with little regards how full I can get. I literally got too full to walk before I had my ice cream. That is one very satisfying experience. Thank you Grand Dorsett for such a lovely evening before Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Terazza’s Christmas Eve Gala Buffet Dinner with party pack, a glass of beer, juice or sparkling wine is served for just RM118++.

Terazza Brasserie, Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel

Jalan SS12/1 Subang Jaya,
47500 Malaysia
Tel: +603 – 5031 6060
Fax: +603 – 5031 8686
 Email: kl.reservation@granddorsett.com
Website: http://www.granddorsett.com/kualalumpur

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