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I come across many stories regarding how a relationship goes. What surprises me is that how modern guys had transformed in such a way that to them a relationship is based on materials. To them, chivalry is not dead, it just magically transformed into money and materials. So let me put up some comparisons between 3 different type of generations. And see if you readers agree with me regarding this matter.

Jurassic Generation Where Your Great Great Great Great Grandparents Lived


Flirting Stage
Do not even exist – usually set up by parents or families or some by the rulers. True love rarely existed. Guys just sit down and let the parents do the dirty work.

Marriage/Relationship Stage
Guy go work to earn enough for the family. No complaints as long as they can survive and divorce rarely happens because basically guy can get as many wives or concubines as they want and there’s nothing a woman can do about it. Woman just need to stay there and even if there’s no love, they couldn’t do anything about it.

Closing Stage
End of lives most of the time. There are some true love and bond exist but most of the time, the kids get the inheritance and non for the spouse.

Your Parents/ Grandparents Generation


Flirting Stage
Matchmaking still exists but at minimal level. Guys will shower girls with sincerity, love and security. Not many of them are rich but they are still happy together.

Marriage/Relationship Stage
Together to build a stable relationship or family. Both parties work hard for each other and there are some financial worries but they gladly work together to have a good future together.

However, those who get filthy rich and successful, Most of them have other mistresses and this usually happens to the guys.

However, both still work hard to provide for the family. And having more than 1 partner is rare.

Closing Stage
There are divorces here and there but most of the relationship are pretty stable and there are a lot of loves going around. This is because they went through hard time together ensuring a good future for themselves. When any of them pass away, inheritance goes to the spouse and also the other children of the family.

The Current Generation


Flirting Stage
Done in a much aggressive and frequent method especially since the existence of online social network. However, most people tend to flirt with more than 1 person and this implies to both guys and girls. A lot of guys started to use money usually given by their parents to buy expensive gift such as iPhone, camera, designer’s bag etc as part of a flirting “MUST DO”. In short, these people uses money as the main tool of the flirting technique. Money = Sincerity, Security,Care. Some resort to lies and deception and no matter how much they deny it, looks come first when it comes to choosing their partner be it guy or girl. Definitely less than half of the population actually got together through mutual love.

Marriage/Relationship Stage
Some people think money and sex the main thing to keep a relationship alive. Guys simply buying this and that as a way to say sorry instead of sincerely talking things out. Less than half of the population actually will talk things out sincerely. Guys thought by doing so, they can make up for everything and some even uses money to threaten their partner in the midst of arguments.

Some girls will get jealous if their friends’ bf/husband bought their friends expensive gifts. And end up using that to argue and try to get something alike in return out of result of the argument.

Having more than 1 partner is so common and until the stage where most of them thought there’s nothing wrong with cheating. Money still can settle it and money makes cheating possible.

Closing Stage
Some people changes partner as often as changing clothes. Divorce is so common and it also meant splitting wealth. Rare for a relationship to last long and until marriage and if it does, Most of them are good and everlasting (for those who didn’t use money as an excuse for everything) and also there are some adultery going on as well. But pretty much, closing stage is always ugly.

From what I see is, The Current Generation is not as sincere anymore unlike the previous one. Somehow in a way, resembles the first generation. May be it’s a good thing to be poor or middle class? Everyone puts effort in making a relationship work? However, who can blame them? Since the world is getting so materialistic, it’s common for such thing to happen.

68305_1591447498454_1003879649_1731540_1368642_n Muahahaha curi your latest pic..

However, may be I’m lucky for having Carol in my live without having me to follow the current trend to be with her. I might be able to shower her with expensive gifts but a least I’m sincere to her. Heck, I don’t even have anything sweet to talk to her when I first like her. Sure there are some ups and downs in this relationship but I never been happier. Thank God for this gift for me and since it’s already the 3rd month we are together, I wish that we have a 3rd year anniversary 3rd generation anniversary and probably 3rd century anniversary. LOL May all the happy moments with her last and goes on forever. I love you. =)

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  • lianemarkus

    I really like what you are trying to explain here. For me, every culture has their own way when it comes to relationship and we cannot do something about it. All we can do is to respect their beliefs. However, we all encountered having good relationship and some may experienced having bad relationship. However, we should keep in mind that whatever love brings, we should always keep in mind that trust, true love and commitment is very essential in any angle.
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