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I know practically there are about 90% of the guys out there who would think they look above average. Hell with it, probably most of us thought that we only lose a bit, I SAY A BIT ONLY OK, to the likes of Hugh Jackman, Orlando Bloom, Takeshi Kaneshiro and bla bla bla. However, this one is up a level.

Ok. It’s a bit harsh but I’m telling you. That guy has an email address with the name addressing himself as handsome. And he look nothing near that from the perspective of most girls I asked. It might be a slight overconfidence thing. But is it? By the way, that’s not his email. I just do not want to reveal his name in the email of course. I doubt he reads my blog though.

Don’t it just makes most guys mad when such thing happen? Perhaps he is actually handsome. Er…in some way…I guess…No I still cannot accept it. That guy had been going at it like some hotshot Casanova and probably thinks he is some hotshot Casanova as well. What I cannot really stand is his playboy-ish attitude and he actually even loudly claimed that it’s the right thing to do. Talk about confidence.

May be he is right seeing the success he has right now. May be we all should be over confident with ourselves.

Ok la. Probably fail big time. I just cannot bring myself to do it without any regards for further public teasing. However, let’s not forget, no matter how ugly, how fat and how disgusting we look. There are always someone who will call us Handsome, pretty or beautiful. Don’t go thinking that the answer is your own mother. The answer is not. See the comic below for the answer.

Yeap. Salesman, coffeshop waiters, DVD sellers and you name it. For those who need some daily dosage of self-esteem boost, kindly visit your nearest pirated DVD stalls for it. But make sure you buy once awhile la or if you only go there for free compliments, I doubt it would ever comes again.

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  • lianemarkus

    There might be millions of guys who are handsome but most of them do not have nice attitude and they treat girls as their toys. However, there are still some guys who are very gentle and kind to women and they know how to respect them. It does not matter whether the guy is not so handsome so long as he has a positive attitude.
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    • ericleeh

      wow..thanks for commenting and going through so many of my old post..but too busy to reply them..

      The statement of yours is true but sadly not everyone practices it..You see many girls would say that..but end up they fall for a player..it's a sad fact actually

  • cutebun

    hahahaha~~ So gonna go visit store for those compliments XD
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  • kianfai87

    hmmm I wont usually get called leng zhai since the age getting older lol . . . call me BOSS πŸ˜›
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  • Joel

    this is so me. not the confident guy, the other guy. haha! great post

  • Agnes

    OMG I think I know that person! Our old classmate right right? XD His email address does have “handsome” in it.

    Can’t believe you still remember him! Haven’t kept in touch with the old classmates.

    • ericleeh


      actually i do remember but i doubt any1 remembers me much hahaha

      • Agnes

        LOL why would I tell everyone who that “handsome” guy is and spoil the fun?

        I told my sister about your post (the email part) and she already knew who you meant! XD And your drawing of him is quite accurate too (yes I know that you can’t draw him exactly accurate or he’ll hunt you down XD)

        I really don’t think he reads this blog, so you’re safe! XD

  • @NanaEddyanie

    I guess he must be one of those sweet talker. These kind of guys usually come in package with a sort-of gentlemanly attitude towards girls. Girls go ga-ga easily over such guys – even if he looks like an unfinished building. blerghh~ I can spot those posers within 10 minutes of conversation.
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  • Aki

    this remind me of someone.. ha ha ha.. :-p.. poor you man.. try next time then.. Ha ha ha..

  • Yeeingng


  • toninkush

    HAHAHA i met guys like these before. they 're overly confident with their appearance and tend to talk about how many girls go for them. not sure if the girls are chicks though. i think im more annoyed by fugly girls with facebook names like CUTIE HOTBABE or so.

    btw, i think you missed out on a 'm' on the word amazing on one of your images haha

    ALoud Asia Vol #2
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    • ericleeh

      Actually..i had many many typos in my blog…mostly is missing a letter or extra a letter coz slightly lazy to check back what i type…haha and sometimes i just scan through..eyes tired and sure cannot keep up…

      and yeah I AGREE!!! It does not only applies for guys..but then don't u know…if u bombard girls like this is a sin and if u bombard guys like this is not a sin? hahaha I'm just annoyed by ppl like that be it male or female..haha

  • @fahriee

    Surprisingly, looks aren't that important at all. All you need is confidence and some persistence. You reap what you sow, after all. If this person has a high amount of success with women, he might've had a higher amount of failures. Gotta remember though, there's a fine line between confidence and cocky. I'm guessing this person manages to blur the lines out somehow when it comes to courting. :p

    Anyway, hilarious post, Eric. Subscribed!
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    • ericleeh

      Seriously, there are a lot of things that that guy did other than only this. I did not post it up because it is quite humiliating. And indeed, he's NOT cocky. He's just over-confident or should I just say you really thought he is all that. He indeed have high amount of failures with women but he only blame them but not himself. Get my drift already?

      Thanks for subscribing! haha

  • ladyviral

    nuu~ don't get conned by those fake compliments!


    Every are leng chai and leng luis. beauty lies on the eye of the beholder. :p

  • Isaac Tan

    actually bro, sometimes i feel its the confidence that got him the chicks. πŸ™‚ Even though not handsome, but he thinks himself handsomely, and ladies will get drawn into that confidence πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • ericleeh

      erm. Not really. I think is basically his sweet talking to women that plays that role instead of the confidence..haha

  • ken

    normal what.. not so leng chai gets the hot chicks.. i think.. πŸ˜›
    money or sweet talking will work.. hehe..
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  • kelvin

    Some ppl just have the mojo~ Is that really Caroline's answer?
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    • ericleeh

      HAHAHAHA glad you ask…nope..but I know her answer is similar to that just not that bad…hahhaha That would be MY answer if someone ask me whether are they good looking or not

  • Diana Diane Teo

    I'm absolutely love this post. Hey, I thought guys won't post this issue one. Hahaha.. Especially those Casanova things. Sometimes I do really hate when guys said like what the xxxhandsomeguyxxx said. I feel like want slap him but what to do, nowadays love seems to be fragile.

    Is it that guy very rich? How come he manage to get the girls? πŸ˜›
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    • ericleeh

      LOL that guy isn't rich at all..but he still manage to shower girls with sweet talking and gifts….and the money is from….i think i talked too much..haha

  • tekkaus

    I think I don’t need to people to tell me these…because I know I am not leng chai. LOL πŸ˜€ And I don’t give a damn about it.

  • Hong Wei

    I bump into such cases too, brother!
    Wonders how they get the chicks too…. Hmm….

    Good post, will share it! =)
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  • Lionel Ong

    hahah, so funny. I never encounter such situation before, but i think I can understand how you feel. Can vomit blood πŸ™‚
    My recent post MIGF 2011 It’s Raining Chefs

  • Missymiyen

    Actually what you just illustrated is…..

    SO SO SO SO TRUE. I am not even joking. SO TRUE. Hahaha. I have one "friend" like that who's personality sucks, he's not good looking but claims to get all the girls. What's up with that?

  • Mampukah

    , I’m saying tnhaks for him, Cody’s mom! He’s a good boy, but becoming too cool for school! I love these shots, Tanner is getting so big and he is so handsome!

  • http://www.skymanager.ru/

    Orly shoots herself in the foot again and again. She is a gutsy if quirky personality. I wish her and her cause well though. She is doing heroic work.

  • http://www.rab-jeric.com/

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