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Happy Birthday Caroline


Gonna announce it over in my blog that today, the 1st of December is my girlfriend’s birthday! Yay and yippee for her!! On the other hand, that also means my wallet is happily sacrificing why crying at the same time. Such mixed emotions. Anyway, it is extremely tough to pull off anything surprising at all for her. Especially when we are being together for most of the time, doing anything suspicious might potentially leads to unnecessary arguments.

The work of making a birthday memorable for her each and every single year is definitely squeezing my brain dry. If the Brand’s chicken essence is as good as it advertise, someone please get it for before her birthday arrive next year. Seriously. AND THE FACT THAT I AM BLOGGING THIS POST DIRECTLY NEXT TO HER, HOPING HER TO BE UNAWARE OF THIS IS FREAKING NERVE WRECKING!

So I decided to pull something off just for her this time around. A gift that will not be any more exclusive than this. Personalised iPhone 5S wallpaper of her done by the comic and doodle bloggers community in Malaysia! And the results are AMAZING! I bet she love them. And I also bet some of them are going to hell very soon. SO here it goes.

Artwork by RAS KOH. Love the watercolour-ish ambient of the design. It is calming and definitely blends with the pastel design of iOS 7.

Artwork by MS. BULAT. Minnie mouse. Definitely get her screaming in delight.

Artwork by JIAN GOH FROM MIAO & WAFUPAFU. Seems like Jian is giving her a style he doesn’t normally use and for those who thought Jian is only good at drawing cute stuff, you are wrong. Also, he might just booked a ticket to hell.

Artwork by CHEE CHING. Always love that her illustration follows the design trend. No black outlines like my comics and also a style I am exploring for my next character redesign.

Artwork by KENDRICK NG. His illustration doesn’t implement that he is a guy at all. His combination of doodle and 2D computer graphics brought a really good chemistry.

Artwork by EGGYOLKS. He always made me green in envy in how he could capture perfectly a person’s face through 2D illustration.I am guessing he is going for the pretty-yet-deadly-girl-assassin. Jian Goh have a partner in hell.

Artwork by PEK CHEK KIA. Ok, make that 2 partners for Jian Goh. But this is a very cute Death Girl version. I like how he came up with 3 version of this. It is hilarious if you put it in sequence. It is like he is experimenting the amount of trouble he could get with each picture.

Seriously, a really really REALLY BIG THANK YOU to all of these artists! You guys are really awesome! You guys don’t know how much this means to me and I hope this means as much to Caroline as well. Thank you!

Happy birthday, wifey. I love you.










Nah. I done blogpost for your birthday already ah. And I actually suspect you already saw me doing this post. =________=

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