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Happy Chinese New Year


Here I wish all readers Happy Chinese New Year! May everyone have a hopping good year!

Picture designed by Lim Beng Heng.

How did all your lou sang session went? I had a great one recently with my close online friends. It was definitely amazing. I still think that every chinese restaurant from now on MUST put up our picture as a great example of great lou sang session! Will blog about this next time.

How do you like Chinese New Year? It is definitely the only holiday I’m looking forward to the whole year since now that I’m working. To me, Chinese New Year is the PERFECT EXCUSE for you to do whatever you usually are NOT ALLOWED to do. For example.

Q: Eh. Why you gamble?
A: Chinese New Year ma.

Q: Eh, who ask you drink beer so much?
A: Chinese New Year ma.

Q: Eh. Why eat so much fried stuff? Later sick k?
A: Chinese New Year ma.

Q: Eh. Why play firecrackers? Illegal ok?
A: Chinese New Year ma.

Q: Eh. Drunk driving ah you?
A: Chinese New Year ma.
(got pull over)
C: Eh. Ini salah. Bagi lesen cepat.
A: Boss, 1 chance. Chinese New Year ma.
C: oooo, can…give this (ridiculous amount of bribe)
A: WOI!! ini mahal la.
C: CHINESE NEW YEAR MA…..now pergi balai makan nasi kari

I exaggerate the last event so it does not really happen and it wasn’t based on anything. Anyway, have a wonderful Chinese New Year everyone.

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