Happy Valentine’s Day My Love

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples out there! If you are single, don’t worry! You have your friends and family and also your HAND can always be your date. Ok, that’s a bit lame. Of course for my valentine this year, it would be none other than Caroline.

When I went to Sunway Pyramid last week, for ONCE, the mall is filled with guys rather than girls. I do not need think twice to know that every single one of them are shopping for a valentine gift. And I don’t even know why there aren’t many girls who shop for a Valentine gift. Perhaps they do not feel the need to get it or they got it earlier.

It’s been almost 7 months since me and Caroline got together. I feel kinda bad that we had quite some aarguments especially lately which is actually my fault. However, one thing that doesn’t change is how I feel for her. I’m actually glad that lately the arguments led to solution and not just purely giving in for the sake of ending an argument.

I’m also never a fan of Valentine’s Day actually. To me, it’s just a normal day as I do not see the need to only express our love in a single day. It’s a special day nonetheless and this year is just as special. I might not be by her side but I missed her terribly. And all these days just made me miss her more. And hence, I celebrate this no matter where she is, so that she can be happy.

Mind you, it’s not like that only days like this I wanted to make her happy. I want to make her just as happy every day. But then, let’s just face it, special days meaning extra special effort and no matter how busy I am or whatsoever, extra effort should be put on.

Hence, I wish my dear Caroline, Happy Valentine’s Day my love and hope that we would always remain together. I love you.

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  1. chop!! chop!! chop!!! <3 <3
    My recent post Lou Sang and Finally I Met Foongpc !

    • Chicken Chop! Lamb Chop! Pork CHop! XD

  2. Auwwwww… :*:*:* Thanks so much for this hubby! <3<3
    My recent post Lou Sang and Finally I Met Foongpc !

    • welcome wifey…hehe

  3. I miss u badly too! :'( :'( but we're so far… :(
    My recent post Lou Sang and Finally I Met Foongpc !

    • never mind le…many more chance can meet…hehe

  4. its okie bout the arguments. :) am feeling glad too for the better ending! ^_^:*
    My recent post Lou Sang and Finally I Met Foongpc !

  5. Feel so touch! Appreciate this much love! :* I love u too! <3
    My recent post Lou Sang and Finally I Met Foongpc !

    • hehe thanks..love u

  6. I love the background!!! eeee! :$:$ Happy Valentine to u too my love Eric! :*
    My recent post Lou Sang and Finally I Met Foongpc !

    • Sure la!! I make wan ma… =P

      Happy Valentine my dear Caroline

      • why i suddenly feel so cold… =.=
        *shiver shiver…. =p

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  9. <3:* yay for smileys and CL here today!
    My recent post Hug Me!

    • jhahaha i just installed them as I didn't aware of it earlier.. XD

  10. Yay for no more arguments and happy Valentine's Day to you two… enjoy this day of love and here's to forever love! <3<3
    My recent post MM – I Need You by BVSMP

  11. Your hand can be your date? Helllooooooooo… apa cakap me? so 18-sx!!!

    • akibat mixing too much with u la… =P

  12. but i really salute u n carol for making a long distance relationship work.. but then again.. if i'm in a relationship with carol.. i'd WANT it to be long-distance! LoL! 😛 She's such a bully! Shhh… don't let her know i said that! kakakakakakkaa….
    My recent post Valentines Heartache

    • LMAO!!! if i can choose, i dnt wan in a relationship with u too!! eeeks! u so hamsap! :p yish! i whr got bully him!! :$
      My recent post My Craving for Snowflake Fulfilled

      • never bully??? yeah meh?? =P

    • LOL….later she kill me then i come kill u!! LOL

  13. Such a sweet poem! Happy Valentine's day to you and Caroline! May there be many more Valentine's day to celebrate together <3

    • haha thanks..happy belated valentine's to u n saucer as well

  14. wei.. u like thin liao wor..
    the power of love ah?
    u diet ah? wtf

    • he where got thin?! U havent see his tummy yet!!! 😡
      My recent post My Craving for Snowflake Fulfilled

      • ceh!!! wifey tak puas hati is it now? =P

    • THIN ALREADY RIGHT!!! best comment ever !! hahahaha XD

  15. OK, I 'm a bit late here, but Happy Valentine's Day! LOL!
    My recent post Celebrating Birthdays and Chinese New Year At Tao

    • hahaha it's ok..better late than never

  16. Wah! Nice design here! : )
    My recent post Celebrating Birthdays and Chinese New Year At Tao

  17. Aww…what a lovely and sweet post from you to Caroline! You guys are really lovey dovey sweet lar…so blissful~ Wish the both of you happy and sweet forever~ Happy Valentine's Day! ;D
    My recent post Breaded Chicken Tortilla Wrap With Tangy Mango Salsa Is My Scrumptious Valentines Day Lunch -v

    • haha thanks a lot for the compliment

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