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First of all, I declare that i do not really write about my personal life in my blog as I do not really thinks that readers would appreciate reading too emo things from me. As some of my friends would know, I had a really difficult time which I do not wish to elaborate further. As I just recently became single, I became more publicly “kap lui” and also I had noticed many things that I did not.

First and foremost, if you guys are a fan of The Butterfly’s blog just like I am, I guess you people would know how he mentioned that good guys don’t really score with girls. From what I had been through, I couldn’t agree more to that as we as a normal human being, born to judge a book by its cover. This post will be on how crappy is the term “good people are often taken”. It’s just that you didn’t bloody bother doesn’t mean we are taken.

If you are a good guy in deep but you look like shit, the most possible outcome when you start to introduce yourself is the other person would not even remembers you. How about a good looking guy? I think all good looking guys will have problems starting a decent introduction as they do not have much practice doing so because girls will swim towards him to introduce themselves. I too know a few good looking guy friends of mine who had girls swarming for them and I do not need further proof of how Butterfly was right about it. As long as you looks good, everything’s good. If you are good looking but at the same time stupid, just shut up and act cools and chill, the girls will rush over you like Loius Vuitton is having a sales.

If you tends to be a retard, shut up and act cool…works better than you thought

Girls, let me ask you. How often do you turn down guys who seems to have a good personality by telling them how good you two were and wish you two could be friends? Guys, if someone who looks really really fucked up confess to you then how many will stand up like a man and try to accept them? Guys would accept ANY girl that are as hot as Megan Fox even if she sleeps with every known stranger or kills your whole bloody family. Girls would definitely fall for good looking guys at much ease. Somehow, each and everyone of us felt that they deserve someone good looking. I recommend you piss in a cup and look at yourself if you do not have a mirror at home.

I’m not declaring I’m fucking good looking like I normally do with friends. They know me so they know what I mean when I said that. If you are not, then you are in the not so good friend. In fact, I had stated pretty how much I look like a bloody triad member.

I know some girls might be protesting this and said that’s not all in order to impress. So to be fair, I list down the few points that would impress girls(besides looks) based on what I had read in FHM interviews on HOT HOT women and CLEO. (Yeah, I do bloody read CLEO at times so stop laughing your ass off). The following points might be good for impressing a girl but I am not responsible if my facts are entirely wrong. It’s just means that you are too bloody stupid and desperate to believe what I wrote
1. Confident but not cocky
2. Humorous but not over crazy
3. Attentive towards them
4. Must be interested in them but not desperate
5. Able to say the right things at the right time
6. Don’t talk too much without letting them to talk
7. Do not show off or brag
8. Do not go too fast or force them or stares at cleavage too long
9. Don’t appear stupid
10. Stop with corny picky up lines but some girls still like them
11. Do not ever gawk at other girls but I think is an exception if Megan Fox is stripping nearby
12. MOST importantly, tell some jokes and NOT make a joke of yourself
So much points and this proves that girls are hard to pleased and never get satisfied. I hope my market value would not drop after this post. hahaha

But seriously, if a guy does all that but in the end looks like shit and short like hell, chicks won’t even consider the possibility of dating them at first meeting. Guys are the same as well. We would get interested in the first meeting if girls met the following points
1. Good looking
2. Hot Body
3. Dress sexily and i mean SMOKING SEXY
4. Doesn’t talk too much or too loud
5. Never reach beyond this point…SEE…we are just soooooo easy to understand

We are just normal humans so we just wanted what SEEMS nice so if you are ugly or short, the chances of being noticed during first meeting is slim. I might not been picked or chased girls enough to make any judgment but my observation and conversation with most people already made me realized this matter clear enough.

So I look at myself and wondered. I’m not tall which meant that girls are likely to ignore me for a date. Seriously, I knew some girls that are short but they want their bf to be at least 175cm above. This seriously kills my pride. I had read before that only less than 5% of the female population would not mind having a shorter boyfriend. If girls below 165cm(I’m 166) too only wanted their bf to be well over 175cm, I could imagine all the Hobbits stabbing each other to fight for a willing poor girl or majority of them turn gay.

However, last Saturday when I went to Sunway Pyramid, 8 out of 10 couples I saw are either the gf is at the same height or taller than their bf. Either this is a bloody early April Fool prank played on me or dating shorter guys is the new black. Had my time arrived since I’ve already broken up? Am I wrong about the perception that girls prefer taller guys? Had the girls finally realized the principle of the “L-Theory”? What do you think?

Tall maleShort Male

Go figure this “L-theory”. Hint is height is relative to our *ehem*weapon*ehem*…

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  • sandygan

    haha, after readin ur L theory, i stil prefer datin tal guys.. anyway, thnx4commentin..ur blog is interestin,lots of jokes2cheer my day..bt i tink ur ic pic look more like drug addict cz of d stupid goverment cheap flash..btw, i gt ur link frm kennysia.com cz i12c hu is mockin kenny witout understandin d joke..reli..is jz a joke..

  • Devella

    L theory huh…LOL Damn funny la….gosh!

  • Eric Lee

    sandygan: I'm not mocking kenny also…i am only mocking people who do not understand his post. haha I'm a fan of Kenny Sia and I love all his posts without any gay intentionDevella: It's a fact that we used our body height to enhance the other part…one way or the other hahaha

  • sandygan

    haha, den i muz hv mistaken u, sry..bt ur post is damn funny.. haha.. i prefertal guy cz im 172cm.. =.=

  • .:JoY:.

    Haha I'm one of the "8 out of 10" girls who are either same height of taller than the bf! And actually no, I prefer taller guys. But love is blind. Looks (or in this case, height) become secondary when you really get to know and love the person. XDL Theory? My friend told me that theory long ago. Lol. Thanks for dropping by Eric, and nice blog 😀

  • DMC

    nice topic here, especially the part where u wrote abt what kind of girls will catch us guys' attention.. really agree with number 3!! haha…as for the height part, it's generally true that gals prefer taller guys. i know exactly how u feel, we both are kinda 'vertically challenged' i guess… =.=anyways, we must be thankful that we're in malaysia and not US or UK, where gals there are on average, taller than 5'7''. Over here, the guys wit height from 5'6'' to 5'9'' are generally well accepted.

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