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How I Step Up With Nuffnang


So I’m required to think of a way on how to step it up with Nuffnang? Organize a flash mob you say? Well, to begin organizing a flash mob, you first need to find a purpose. Environmental awareness, ads campaign or whatever it is. You NEED to have a purpose first. You can’t expect to simply bust out some moves in public or anywhere without any purpose. That’s just purely retarded if you ask me. So how would I do it?

Location : Office




Reason: Resigning WITH STYLE!

Who needs a conventional and boring style of resigning? Resigning shouldn’t be such bore. Whether it is for better or for worse, you should make a goodbye unforgettable. So, before I proceed with my post, THE FOLLOWING CONTENT DOES NOT REFLECT MY TRUE FEELINGS OR FUTURE BEHAVIOR TO MY CURRENT EMPLOYEE OR COMPANY. THIS IS MERELY A CONTEST ENTRY AS I LOVE MY BOSS AND COMPANY TO DO THE FOLLOWING. MY COMPANY IS AWESOME AND PROVIDE AWESOME EVENT SERVICES! (just in case my boss reads this. So now, boss can I have a pay raise?)

The first strategy is to always have enough clearance to do your dance routine. How do you even expect to dance if the room is as cramped as my bank account. The only dance move can be done in a cramped room like that is having your eyeballs to breakdance. So yes, SPACE ALLOCATION IS IMPORTANT.

I want this resignation to be a fun thing. So what’s the favorite past time of white collar workers after work? Clubbing or pub-ing. So I want to have a disco theme for this dance routine. Hence, songs by LMFAO. I will have two teams to take part with me. Chicks would be behind me doing the “CLAP” dance. Basically a very simple dance move where you stand at the same spot, put your palms together, separate your palms, and repeat this action until the routine ends. If you have big boobies, ehem, you are encouraged to jump as well while doing that.

I don’t need any guy dancers. But I will give them a very important job. The lighting. Yes, to have a DISCO or CLUB feel, you have to have some really DOON CHOOT DOON CHOOT lightings. I will let the guys handle that.


Ok, that’s basically how I would organize a flash mob. One with a purpose and also full of surprises. The audience (in this case, the boss) should be left speechless and in awe of the performance. I’m sure if everyone resigns this way, it would be a much livelier environment. Please do not follow my retarded way of showing my full naked bum to your boss. It’s plain disrespectful unless your boss stole your wife, beat your mother and burnt your house. Which is very highly unlikely actually.

Imagine a flash mob, a happy one, a tribute to your company and your boss. For the finale, you can change to presenting a small token of appreciation such as a pen or something, I don’t know. So this is exactly how I step it up with Nuffnang! You see, I even featured Stickman as one of the lighting guys. How generous of me. I shall be awarded Good Guy Greg award and have my picture postered in front of their new office.

As soon as the Flash mob is over, everyone just get back to work as usual and pretend it never happens. Besides the boss and the one tendering the resignation. In my case, this is how it might end.



Ok. Now I think of it. This flash mob is a bad idea. Back to the drawing board.

P/S: I’m not resigning! Boss, don’t fire me!!

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