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How Nuffnang Stickman Should Celebrate His Birthday MY STYLE!


Go Nuffnang! It’s your Birthday! We gonna party like it’s your Birthday! You know we gonna come coz it’s your birthday! Happy 5th Birthday to Nuffnang! In this 5 years, Nuffnang had served the online bloggers community well. 5 years is not a short journey for a company. For a company first of its kind, Nuffnang had definitely defies all odds and make it big in Malaysia.

I still remembered when Nuffnang first started, I remembered reading his founder, Timothy Tiah’s blog on choosing an office chair for the new company. It amuses me as Timothy intended to get a really expensive and BOSS-LIKE chair for himself but ONLY to be told by his mom otherwise regarding how he cannot guarantee the company’s success. Well, as far as how things are today, I bet he could even fix THAT BOSS-LIKE-CHAIR in his toilet right now! Congratulations once again!

So, I would definitely like to come to Nuffnang Birthday Bash (actually mostly by internet peer pressure) and I need to suggest to the Stickman on how to celebrate his birthday huh? Here it is!







Firstly, I think that Nuffnang should celebrate his birthday like a BOSS by inviting THAILAND EXOTIC DANCERS TO PERFORM! Why? Because they are what you called, internationally proven interesting. COME ON MAN! Even AUNTIES AND GIRLS paid to see them perform everytime they go to Thailand! And since NAPBAS, Nuffnang had invited some pole dancers, I highly anticipating this to come in line for the birthday bash!


CHICKS! CHICKS! AND CHICKS! Lots of chicks DANCING by the POOL WHICH IS FILLED WITH PURE CHOCOLATE! Oh my god! If not chocolate, even NUTELLA WOULD BE AWESOME! Imagine swimming in a pool of chocolate while partying! Best if there are alcohol mixed in it! And since chocolate had been highly regarded as a feel good food, THIS WOULD MAKE THE PARTY A FEEL GOOD PARTY!


Eh, what’s a birthday party without some tradition in it! Very very very famous back in my high school! I guess Nuffnang better learn some kung fu for the night!



Since 9Gag had been all the rage lately, and Nuffnang being the community that always in the rage, why not have it a Masquerade party as well with all meme face! Now THAT would be a party worth getting into the HOT page of 9Gag! So Nuffnangers, COME AT ME BRO!



The BEST and CRAZIEST OF ALL!!! A BUNGEE JUMP PLATFORM INTO THE SAID-CHOCOLATE SWIMMING POOL! Nuffnangers are all about fun and craziness and an activity that cannot live up to its name, its not worth being placed in the to-do list for Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash. Imagine, bungee jumping into a giant sea of chocolate! That would be totally the BEST way to celebrate a birthday!

Well, that’s all from me this time. This is only PART 1 for the story! For PART 2, please visit Caroline’s blog for the sequel!

Lastly, I would like to again congratulate Nuffnang for this journey. Despite of how I sometimes rant about you guys (opps), I still think that you guys are best bloggers could ever ask for. Without you guys, the blogging community would not get as big as it is now. I do really mean it. I hope I get the passes! Happy Birthday once again to Nuffnang!!


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