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How To Get Crazier With World Cup


World Cup Fever hits the world and it hits Malaysia pretty hard as well! Do we mind it? Not at all! Not a freaking chance! It is once every 4 years anyway!

Fuwa and Fengyi must be so confused. Anyway, just the last Saturday, I went for a World Cup event that was hosted by Astro at HongDae-Mun, One City, Subang. The house is fully packed with social influencers and I get to meet some people that I hadn’t seen in a long time and several regular close blogger friends. Other than that, the scene is pretty much packed with new blood bloggers.

Incredible atmosphere in HongDae-Mun and everyone is donned with their team jersey except for me. I just wore a Brazil shirt. It was due to the fact that I do not have a football jersey (plenty of basketball jerseys though) as I usually enjoy watches the game and not an avid supporter of any club or country. One might passes me off as someone who does not know anything about football usually and were quite surprised that I actually kept up with football news and matches.

Huge fluffy mascot at the event got more attention than anything in the event.

The 4 major apps from Astro that you must have for this World Cup.

There are a couple of activities going on during the event and most people are divided into several different teams. I am in team Spain and possible one of the least enthusiastic team around. I kid you not. We are just in the team to have fun and just trying to finish our task most of the time. Victory never crosses our mind at all.

One of the game – hitting the boards by kicking a small ball. I like how this statement sounds.

Match prediction using Astro’s Ola Football Predictor. We can actually predict the matches using the app as we watch any football match.

The photo opportunity. Joel actually gathered members who wore different jerseys for this epic photo.

Our emcees for today.

And our team is actually tied together with Germany and we seriously did not expect that at all. We ended up having to decide the winner by entering a quiz which we unfortunately lost. The other team is just too well knowledgable regarding football’s history unlike me. Kudos for my team members for making it this far though. Second place is still a very good place for me.

For those who are wondering, these are the main apps from Astro for this World Cup 2014!

Astro Go 2014 FIFA World CupTM app and Web Player is one of the key offerings of Astro, the Official Broadcaster of the 2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilTM. Customers with the Astro Football Pass can watch all 64 LIVE matches through 6 Multi-Camera feeds with Timeline and Event Markers for instant replay, Multi-Angle review, comprehensive info and statistics, and over 4,000 Video On Demand Clips all in one app. Available now for free download on Apple App Store /Google Play Store and web player via StadiumAstro.com

Stadium Astro Fantasy #OlaBola Edition offers fans a chance to be a manager where you get to create your dream team, transfer players, join leagues, earn rewards and score points based on the real-life performances of the selected players. Win fantastic prizes with the Fantasy Football Olabola edition where you pick your players and manage your team at Fantasy.olabola.stadiumastro.com

Astro on the Go app will feature all 64 matches of the 2014 FIFA World CupTM for both Astro customers and non-Astro customers. 30 of the 64 LIVE matches will be FREE for all Malaysians while customers can purchase single game on pay-per-view basis sold at RM6 each. Available now for free download on Apple App Store / Google Play Store and via my.astroonthego.com 

Ola Bola Football Predictor is a LIVE football prediction app – this means that you can make predictions on events (eg. free kicks, corners and penalty kicks) on the fly during an ongoing LIVE football match. Score points when you make accurate predictions as you follow the matches throughout this World Cup, continue playing and accumulating points as you challenge your friends to emerge the Champion of Football Predictor and bring home a Foosball table! Available now for free download on Apple App Store /Google Play Store 


So why should you download these apps? The reason is simple. You get to win amazing prizes by downloading the app and participating in their contests! One of the most amazing prizes to be won is definitely A FOOSBALL TABLE! That definitely earns you a ticket to awesomely cool social status.


Okay. Time to get a friend.

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