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How To Spend RM500 A Year On Food


In conjuction to Malaysia’s Prime Minister saying RM500 could prove to be a year worth of food, I can’t help but to come up with a statement to back our dear Prime Minister up. For those residing out of Malaysia and did not have a single clue on what I am saying, I will explain. The Malaysia Prime Minister had come up with a plan called the BR1M whose aim is to hand out cash worth of RM250 and RM500 to the low income society. This action has been hailed by certain people to be the ultimate generosity from the government while in actual fact, the money if part of the tax paid by the citizens and merely, the government is taking from the richer society to hand it to the poorer society without having to come up money of their own and then proceed to label themselves “generous”. And RM500 is equivalent to USD 162. The prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak proceed to claim that the money is sufficient for a year worth of food supply. If you wanna read further, here’s the LINK for the article.

So since so many Malaysians had been saying how ridiculous a claim that was, so I thought of some way to back up our Prime Minister. I will take what he proposed and put into a little guide of mine to how you can only spend RM500 a year on food. Yes. Since the Prime Minister insisted we could do so much, I will do as much. Let’s just say the money is used to buy 10kg of rice every month. So basically, you will need water to cook the rice as well right? So let’s the remaining money on water shall we? If it aint enough, just go to Mcdonald’s and request gallons of sky juice. So here is the guide.

This is probably the easiest trick from the 5 that I came up with. Make sure you have plenty of good friends and not to overdo it. Since there are 365 days, now I wouldn’t recommend having the same guy treating you over and over again. I think that person would flee by the forth or fifth time you asked him/her out for any meals. So I think it is safe to say, you need to have 365 friends at minimum. So these friends could take turn to be turned into victims because you will approximately need at least 2 meals a day. So that would be 2 friends a day to be your victim at disposal! So if you are not a friendly person to have 365 friends despite having more than that on Facebook? Okay. Don’t worry, the next one will take care of some dates.

Weekends at supermarket means what? Means FREE FOOD SAMPLING!!! Bring your own bowl of rice bought with the hard earned BR1M RM500 and walk around the supermarket and taste all the sample food FOR FREE! Ignore whatever the salesperson is saying. You are there for the food and not to be preached. It is best to visit several different supermarket at the same time so you can get the best of the variety and people wouldn’t give you weird stares for loitering around too long.

This is the one chance for you to be a NINJA. Loiter around restaurants with your bowl of rice. When you see someone has some leftover food, rush over to eat it as quick as possible without giving any chance for the cleaner to clean up the plates. Those leftovers would be thrown anyway, so might as well you make full use of it right? I would recommend spotting out for small children as they usually didn’t finish up their food well.

Open house!! This would be the best as you will get to eat your heart out at these places. Pay special attention to special dates such as hot dates for weddings, kenduris and since the election is near, I bet there would be lots of seminars held by political parties and free food to be guaranteed!! That saves a hell lot of money especially you don’t even need your bowl of rice here. Awesome right?

Last but not least, be a politician. It is only natural since we heard so much of air from these people lately and with that much of air, you can’t think of another possible reason than they eat air for a living. So that’s why you don’t even need to spend RM500 for food, you can collect it and use it to buy diamond rings in the future or throw a RM500, 000 worth of party.

So that concludes my guide for “How To Spend RM500 A Year On Food” in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s statement. Since I supported them so much, I guess it is only natural for them to support me as well by showing the Malaysians how well my guide works as demonstration. In fact, I think they pretty much have the fifth step covered, so it is just the four others.

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