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I Might Not Read Novels Anymore


If it’s a holiday, be it public holiday or weekend, I will most probably went out for breakfast with my parents. On Thaipusam, we went to Ara Damansara to have one of the best Curry Mee (shall blog about this one day) in Petaling Jaya I can say. Then something make me go like this.

What is it? Well, it’s a sign. Here’s the sign.

I mean, HOW CAN YOU OPEN A CAFE WITH THE NAME CAFE NOVEL WHILE THE SIGN IS UPSIDE DOWN??? Can’t they actually READ that the letters are actually upside down during installation? Is this the reason why they open a novel cafe, so that people won’t end up like them? Or do you get dumber by reading the novels there? If yes then i’m not gonna read novels anymore!!

If the cafe don’t offer novels, then why the heck put such name with that kind of dumbness?

Don’t tell me it’s called a DESIGN or a NOVELTY DESIGN because that seriously a FAIL design. A good signage design suppose to deliver message clearly and besides stupid, I cannot think of any message I can derive from this signage. Sorry.

Ok la. I’ll be fair and may be workers who put up this sign don’t know English (foreign workers). But don’t tell me no one is present to supervise such an important job of installing signage? If that’s the case then serve them right. Major irony and major fail.

However, the first thing I thought of when I saw this sign is this.

Looks like Santa not gonna visits me again this year.

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