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I Want to Win an Awesome Tropical Island Holiday – 3 Ways to Stay Healthy


It’s a trend to stay healthy nowadays. You seen organic shops had being growing like mushrooms in the urban area. Thee are even more “healthy” fast food around compared to unhealthy ones. Don’t you agree that you used to see McDonalds basically at every single corner of Selangor? But recently there are even a lot more Subway outlets available and I can almost swear to you that if you wander  around blindfolded, you might eventually land in either one of the Subways.

But believe it, I actually have ways of keeping myself healthy. And wipe that smirk of your face. So let me present my daily and weekly routine of work out.

I hate how boring jogging is that it always made me think

I started jogging early this year around the month of February. It’s purely for health reason as I felt that I am not getting any younger, so I must find a way to keep myself healthy. To tel you the truth, jogging is a work out routine that I hated. Because I will feel bored while doing it. I would prefer to play some sports like basketball or football but I do not have anyone to play with so I chooses to do it anyway. I still stuck with my weekly jog despite how much I hated jogging. Hey, no one say the road to fitness and health be a fun and entertaining one. Something that I wish to continue regardless how much I hated it. Unless someone willing to accompany me for a game of basketball during weekend then it’s a different story.

The signature slide in bathroom

Ok. I admit. I does this pretty often. Not like it can improve my fitness or anything but I like to believe so. I enjoy dancing and was thinking of taking up dance class in the future when I have a little more free time. So for now, I will stick to some bathroom moonwalking.

Men’s nightmare

AND whoever said accompanying your girlfriend isn’t a workout routine, I would slap you so hard with the telephone directory book till the print would give you a permanent tattoo. I always have this saying, “if there is a line of shops from the foothill of Mount Everest to the peak of the mountain, most women would have no problem in reaching the peak”. They could walk for HOURS! And the guys, have to walk with them WHILE carrying their shopping bags. It’s a total FULL BODY work out routine. And it’s not even funny that Caroline wanted to window shop almost every weekend.

It’s amazing that how women actually can turn from a stamina of a tiny hamster to the stamina of Hulk in matter of seconds. Caroline who would complained about being tired after 200 meters of jogging, but have no problems walking around in malls from morning till evening. What sorcery is this? One of the things I cannot brain about women.

So that’s about it. My weekly workout routine of jogging and shopping(urgh) plus a tiny daily bathroom dancing. If you like to stay as healthy and fit as me (ok, probably not the best idea) , you should try all of the above.

No descriptions necessary

For more info, check out I’m participating in Cikipedia’s Healthy Getaway Weekend! post!

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