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Idiots At Their Best Series Part 1


The world is full of idiots. I’m serious when I made this statement. How often do you people grumble at the sight of an idiot or a slightest hint of idiotic behavior shown by your peers? Everyone is an idiot including ME. I’m not trying to make a statement where everyone is an idiot except me…I’m a realist and I speak what I think is more likely the case to be rather than drowning myself in delusions. I think it is a good share among my fellow readers regarding idiots or idiotic event that occurs in my everyday life.

For part 1, I’m gonna share with you people an encounter with an idiot which eventually become a punchline joke among Soon, Heng and me. This is how the encounter goes.

As we were walking around the newly opened Jusco in Taman Bukit Indah, we came across a Phiten retail outlet. For those ignorant people out there( Don’t worry, I was one ), Phiten had invented these type of bracelets, necklace, straps and so on that will balance your mind and body. It draws out the maximum potential of your ability which means you can play sports better, carrying things much easier, able to maintain freshness and hopefully FUCK better. Basically it balances the charge around your body and prevents fatigue from occuring too often.

This is Phiten…

Datuk Lee Chong Wei wore them…See the necklace?

Being a bunch of curious Industrial Design students, we decided to walk in to inquire about the product and also hopefully know how the hell a bloody string can help us do so much. I was hoping for something more. May be this could eventually lead to MULTIPLE ORGASM that men could not achieve? May be I could fuck for hours and have no problem bedding more than 5 women at once? May be I could make my mark as a legendary pornstar that could fuck for hours and filmed 10 different porn movies in a day? If I found out the secret, I could eventually create my own brand and distribute them to porn stars? Yeah, I could hear you guys yelling at me for being an idiot but it’s nothing compare to what happen next.

I broke the multi-million question to that guy and the conversation goes like this….(the actual conversation is in Mandarin but I am a banana..translate the whole thing to Mandarin and it would be much nicer)

Me: What is the technology behind all these products?

Promoter: Pardon? What were you asking? (either my Mandarin was bad or his Mandarin was bad too)

Heng: What is the technology that make people who wear this can be like that? In terms of engineering and material, what make them possible? We want to know what kind of technology is it….

Promoter: Oooohhhh…(and I QUOTE) Technology is Technology

We: Huh?!?

Promoter: Technology is technology…I explain to you all also you all won’t understand. It waste our time….So we just call it TECHNOLOGY……(smiles and smirk as though he just struck an lottery)

We: ……..

Heng: Yeah, that’s why i ask….what technology?

Promoter: Technology is technology….There is no definite explanation, that’s why we call it technology

We figure it’s impossible to converse anymore…Heng continues to entertain him while I walk off….This IDIOT is a fucking pro and genius is using his idiotic reasoning to make us feel like COMPLETE IDIOTS……I feel like a complete idiot for even asking…There goes my quest for men’s multiple orgasm…….

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