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I kept trying to think of a new topic to blog about but somehow this topic kept appearing in my head. I know I’m taking a big risk in blogging about this but I guess I’m not the type that simply trying to please everyone. It just happen recently that my lecturer called me a follower to a good friend of mine. To be honest, I do not that that’s true and I’m definitely pissed about it.

I’m being interpreted at tagging along with that friend of mine which I highly disregard that’s anywhere near to the fact. I do admit that I hang out pretty much with him only but to have the same thinking, opinion and ideas as him? I don’t think so as our works greatly reflects two different personality. I did evaluate again that particular statement under rational consideration and I am able to figure out why I’m his follower. Let you guys be the judge, shall we?

First off, despite having frequent discussion over a lot of things from designs, sports to life, we had very different views. The most recent case of our debate revolves our design assessment which both me and him greatly disagree to each other. Although he’s a bit pro to a side while I remain neutral, I do not sway my decision according to him and tag along. I do not know where’s the assumption or “observation” they called it come from when I rarely did speak out in class unlike this active friend of mine.

Despite them including this good friend reads my blog, I seriously do not think why they still thinks that? Let my blogger friends be the judge. Can any of you write as much things as I do if you do not have your own thinking and opinion? It’s true that he does not blog so we cannot compare out our thinking but I did not discuss these posts with him. Which also explains why he reads them because he does not have a fucking clue what is in here. Can any good bloggers I’ve known such as Butterfly, Grey Ang, Kenny Sia, Jennifer Chai, Kelvin, Aez or Donna, wrote all their entries if they are mere followers or copy cat of a certain person? This blog contains my original ideas and opinions not discussed with anyone but myself.

I’m just posting a short rant to lift this off my chest. There are a lot more things I could say but I will just stop over here. Writing more could further lead into several outcomes I did not wish to happen right now. I’m not biased or targeting anyone specifically. This is not a hate post to anyone including my lecturer. It’s just another opinion of mine. Wait, probably is not mine as I’m just a follower. I shall stop writing as if I go on further, this would definitely be a hate post.

To you, my good friend who is reading this, I’m kinda disappointed in you for not helping me to defend myself when I’m trying to because you are well aware that I had my own opinion and thinking that is not identical to yours in any way but then you agree blindly with that lecturer. You might think it’s a cruel joke but not to me. Whether or not you are angry with this post as you know who you are and many people do too, I don’t really care just like how you did it that day. I will still treat you the same none the less as this is not a matter to shout about. After this post, I will vow to forget all these. I won’t explain myself to anyone as I rather my actions do the talking. Signing off.

P.S: This is a personal post, you guys do not need to comment on this one but if you want, I gladly to.

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  • Omar

    Been following you for a while. Today I am here for the “I love my Online Friends Monday Hop.” conulatgrations on your decision to go to school. Good luck! And I hope you get a new computer soon.

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