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Do you ever have those little calls from your bank that offers you insurance? I bet you do. In fact, I think almost everyone did! And somehow, in my case, I felt as though I was scammed

And I think both me and her have this listening issues.

I was actually kinda shocked because without knowing, I felt I spent too much on their insurance to even leave me with much savings for my own. And this time, although a different agent to be exact, called, I say no and no longer interested in whatever insurance policy they have for me. Enough is enough. I told her that I am not interested in listening and she is still pleading for me to hear her offer. I even play the “I am in a meeting at moment” card and she don’t give a crap at it as well. That is plain rude although even she have guessed that I wasn’t in any meeting, I don’t believe you should pester the client for another 10 seconds let alone 10 minutes. I always thought that is the card to play when you want to turn someone down politely enough to send a signal that you are not interested. Complicated but yeah. It failed.

True story above. I didn’t raise my voice though but I did ask “Why don’t you understand when I say no?”. So what about you? Any similar encounters?

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