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Is "Allah" A Necessity Worth Fighting For?


Every time i pick up the newspaper to read, I am totally amused and entertained. Not by the comics section or on which slut Tiger Woods had screwed. But by how amusing is Malaysians in all kinds of aspects. Malaysia had recently been rocked with news of arson attacks of churches and endless debate on the usage of the word “Allah” in the Christian Bible. Let’s just face it, Malaysians are getting more and more ridiculous day by day.

Which part of it that made you guys frown? The disrespect shown by the Christians? The disrespect shown by the Islams? The childishness of the whole thing? The statement from our PM that everything’s under control? To me, it is neither of them. I frown at the fact of how dumb can people be when they don’t even understand what they are fighting.

What They Don’t Understand?

They just don’t understand the very basic thing they fighting for. They don’t understand their religion. It is as simple as that and that’s why it is so laughable. I bet many of you guys are rather confused of my statement so I shall elaborate. Do anyone understand why religion exists in the first place? It is a guide for us to lead a good life and so we will end up in heaven which makes this is the only common point between all religions. I am actually a free thinker although I’m a Buddhist so I shall view all these in a perfectly neutral position.

If a person understand the true value and preaching of their religion, all these would not have happened. Can anyone tell me which relighion encourages us to fight? Or to be more specific to fight off other religion? Do we see famous prophets hurling spears and firing atomic bombs at someone who do not want to submit into their teaching or religion? The answer is no and because they live by a very simple and basic rule of all religion. The rule is to live in peace and harmony. So if they do understand the most basic point of all religion, why fight? Why burn churches and why fight over some stuff that is not even worth fighting for? If anyone claimed they gonna fight for their religion and so on, then you guys simply do not understand the basic rule of your religion and very obvious that you don’t practice what you preach or you don’t even fucking understand what you preach.

Burning Churches-An Act of Faith Or Stupidity?

I cannot believe how brutal and immature people can be at times. Burning churches just because some people decided to use Allah in their Bible translation? If I’m not mistaken and fuck me if I’m wrong, God is cherished through heart, emotion and action and not through a simple word. How shallow is their mind in thinking the usage of the word could lead them out of their religious way. Which part of burning churches is an act of faith towards God? The heart? The emotion? The action? How uncivilized we are in handling such a small matter.

Don’t the state anthem for Selangor contains the word “Allah” and we are forced to sing it every single assembly day of our schools? If not, we as university students were forced to take up Islamic subjects and I took Islamic Institution just last year. In almost every single freaking page of the book contains either the words Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. or Allah. We had to read and faced it every time reading our books especially the night before examination. How is it not different from the usage of the word Allah in Bible?

If that’s the case, I’m gonna burn the whole Minister of Education Department for using the word “Allah” in books that are being read by non-Muslims. How about to those who uses the word God or Jesus Christ? Should we burn them like hot dogs and sell them off in pasar malam? If Allah is equivalent to God, then most people should be hanged to death. How many people had not uttered the sentences such as “Oh My God” or “Jesus Christ”? Do anyone realized how serious the crime was to simply used them and the usage should only limit to Christians? This is just a plain joke.

Usage of “Allah”

Ok, does it even MATTER whether to use the word “Allah” or not? Court case and those stupid reasons? I can’t even decide which one is dumber whether the usage of “Allah” in the bible or burning of churches. Since this is a translation into Bahasa Malaysia Bible, I could not even understand what’s the point of fighting over an Arabic word instead of a Bahasa Malaysia word. When being pointed to use the word Tuhan instead of Allah, they claimed that Tuhan is more suitable to refer to the Lord instead of God. First expression comes into my mind, what the fuck. Is either these people had the lack of creativity in coming out with an excuse or just don’t understand the Malay language well enough to actually translate them. Besides, don’t some Christians refer God as Lord?

It’s true that the Malay translation could help several races especially the bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak and also countries like Indonesia. However, how wise is it to translate the original content towards another language. The filtering process might eventually modify the content a bit and to tell the truth, no one really cares whether it is written as Allah and Tuhan. Would Christians turn pagan with the usage of Tuhan? Would it cause the followers to change their faith or even go into depression mode or worse, commit suicide? No that would not happen and if it does then the problem is not the usage of the Allah word but instead it’s the teaching itself.

The Islamic Institution

Is the word Allah so strong that it would lead you to burn churches? Overlooking the fact that it is pure disrespect towards the Christian, what if somebody got hurt or killed? Would your great Allah forgive you for that? Does your Great God permits killing or hurting other people just by how people use to refer to Him? Does your God want riot to occurs just because of one word?

Correct if I’m wrong since I didn’t learn much in Islamic Institution, I very well remembered that the religion teaches to respect other religion and also be tolerant towards one another. I even remembered that advices and discussion should be done BEFORE any actions are taken. Where are all these values? I could not simply see it in them other than a part of the Muslims who are understanding in this case. A Malay blogger(The Star, 13 January 2010) even had a fund raise in order to help these churches as he knows the importance of the values in his religion. Be civilized and realized that your actions of burning churches is not faithful towards Islam but it is more of a pagan attitude. If everyone could just learn the true Islamic Institution like that Malay blogger, won’t Malaysia be a better place?

Christianity Is Not Selfish

When we usually thought that the extremists that burn churches down are bad, those who came up with the idea of using the word Allah and defending them is equally offensive. In what way would we only realized the importance of humanity and the feelings of others? If the word Allah is that important towards the Muslim, why not just drop the whole idea of using it to respect them. Court cases? This is just a waste of time. The court should be used to justify much more important cases rather the selfish request of using the word Allah in the Bible which to tell the truth its not that damn important at all. I believed most Christians still prefer to read their Bible in English rather than a controversial filed Bible.

We need to learn to give in at times. It doesn’t mean that we are losers and afraid of the others. It would just show how unnecessary it is to avoid certain fights and how kind a person could be. What surprises me the most is that these people do not even have a rational mind in judging the whole situation. I’ll put it in a most logical way so that you guys can understand my point.

Advantages of Dropping The Idea of Using The Word “Allah”
1. Peace for everyone
2. No churches being burnt down
3. Respect of knowing how to tolerate
4. Followers won’t be affected even with the word Tuhan
5. Muslims are happy
6. No one get hurt

Advantages of Winning The Court Case
1. Can use the word “Allah” in the Bible
2. If you guys think it would go beyond this then you are wrong. Getting pride or bragging about the freedom of speech is not an advantage but only an immature way of showing off your bad qualities.

Is “Allah” Word Worth Sacrificing Unity And Peace?

Bassilius Nassour, a Greek Orthodox bishop in Damascus, called the Malaysian government’s position “shameful.”

“It shows Malaysia to be a backward, pagan state because God teaches freedom for everyone, and the word ‘Allah’ is for everyone,” he said.

When Muslims mentioned that Allah is Islam God, they didn’t realize that they actually fall into the pagan category. It’s true that there’s no statue depicting their God but the word became the symbol that they worshiped. To think of it properly, Allah is not actually Islam God but an Arabic word which meant God. I guess Muslims don’t label their God as Tuhan Allah but as Allah itself. It means that Allah is just the Arabic definition of God since the religion itself originated from there. And God is universal in this case and there shouldn’t be only a specific word to describe Him. Is it worth killing or destroying the world over it? This question goes out to everyone regardless of religion.

If you want other religions to respect you, you got to respect them first. I’m upset that these sort of case happens in this modern era where people should be rational and civilized. I am required to study Islamic Institution in my university and do I burn down the university because it go against my religion and also forcing me to excessively use the word Allah in my presentation? Would I go haywire when they don’t provide a compulsory subject for Buddhism instead of Islamic? No I won’t because I respect the system and also the Islam religion itself.

That’s all for today. I do realize that this post got a bit too extreme and at the risk of being abused. I just hope this would solve any misunderstanding and help everyone to look at themselves first before hurling insults, threats or abuse at others. When people are not taking any action in criticizing everyone, they would never look at their own mistakes. If you guys able to read until here, do leave a comment regarding your point of view.

Why fight when we can all learn to appreciate the beauty of creation from God?

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