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Is Being Gay A Crime?


I bet many of you guys had heard about this whole  Seksualiti Merdeka or Sexuality Independence in English being banned and being labelled as an Orgy Party by the idiotic television station TV3.

So what exactly is the whole problem with being gays, homosexuals, bisexuals, lesbians and transsexuals? Their only problem is that they are being the minority community. Let me enlighten everyone with this little fact.

There is also a lot of evidence out there and I do mean scientific evidence that homosexuality is also genetically influenced. So if it is genetically influenced, then why would it considered as an unnatural phenomenon? I would not want to waste my time blogging out all the facts which anyone could search on the internet about homosexuality. In fact, homosexuality NOT only happens to human beings. Even animals exhibit signs of homosexuality and they did not have the complex human’s analytic and reasoning brain to actually do something unnatural to them unless being trained to. When these animals lived in the wild, I doubt anyone could actually train them to be homosexual. If you are still too darn lazy to google it up, here’s the Wikipedia link for Homosexuality and Homosexuality Among Animals.

Let’s look at things another way. Discriminating homosexuals, bisexuals or transsexual is actually as terrible as racism and sexism. It is very surprising that not much people actually care about these discrimination compare to racism and sexism. Take a look at this.

I bet not much people actually see much problem with the strip above. In fact, some might even agree to what happened. If for gays, I bet most of them had at least encountered these discrimination at least once in their lifetime. Each of us are human being, why must we be treated differently? Still see no problem with this picture? Let’s do several versions of it.

Discrimination against the handicapped? How would you people view this?

Or how about racism? Isn’t all these situations the same in terms of intention and context? Still not convinced? How about this?

Yeap. You. Imagine you yourself being different. Wait. How about you being the only ANTI-GAY person in the world? And people start discriminate you for it? Would you like it? I think most of you actually laugh it off and think this is an impossible assumption.

Despite all the scientific proofs, behaviorist and religious bodies still insists that homosexuality is only a psychology matter. Isn’t that the same as labeling it mental illness?  In fact, World Health Organization listed homosexuality as a mental illness during ICD-9 but later in ICD-10, it was removed as homosexuals showed the same level of mental health as a normal heterosexual would besides their sexual preferences. This had already indicated that psychology factor is no longer the main factor behind the cause of homosexuality.

The proof that each homosexuals have different brain structure and also genes had not been refuted yet. There are no any other research that can overwrite these findings. So why would people still not willing to accept homosexuality? Is it because your religion told you so? Your parents told you so? Or the media told you so? How sure are you that they are correct? Let’s look at this picture.

This is how Galileo Galilei would look like during his days of protesting.  This astrology genius was one of the first who actually supported heliocentrism which is the theory regarding how Earth revolves around the Sun. During his time, religious bodies and people all around the world believes that Earth is the centre of the universe and the Sun and moon actually revolves around the Earth in an up and down motion. He was not believed and even arrested for his claims and purpose. The church kept convincing people that the Earth is the centre of the universe.

Fast forward to the present times, how ridiculous would these people look like. I bet many of you would actually said how stupid all religious bodies are for getting it wrong. If so, then why would homosexuality not pardoned in the same way despite scientific studies had already shown it is a genetically influenced?

If i were to preach about how the Earth is flat and the centre of universe to the public now, it doesn’t take a genius to know how bad would I fail at doing so.

In today society, it’s  even more disheartening that an abused dog would get more attention and concern compared to a bullied homosexuals. Some might say a dog might be defenseless, but how strong can you be when the majority of the society is out there to get you? Don’t any  of you guys have a little sense of humanity that homosexuals too are living beings? Are they not worth better than a dog?

I bet this is what most people will do and say when they saw an abused dog on the internet. Take for one example, the famous punched toy poodle, Sushi. Even till now, netizens poured their hatred on how much they hated the couple who abused Sushi. But when something related to homosexuality, I bet majority would react like below.

So why is a dog’s value much higher than a normal homosexual? What had they actually done to society to be deserved such harsh discrimination?

If being gay is a crime, then what about smoking? Being gay cannot affect anyone who is not genetically inclined towards that I might add. Is it really that easy to become gay? It’s even hard to force people to accept gay then why would everyone want to make it as though it is very easy to affect the younger generation?

How about smoking? A lot of people smoke because of peer pressure and why are they not judged as harshly? These homosexuals did not bring much harm to humanity besides  lowering the rate of human production. If you are saying how negatively they impact the society and especially younger generation, then how about smokers? These gays are not having sex in public do they? Smokers smoke in public right? I bet most people smoke because they are being influence to. Smoking is also equivalent to murder intent due to all the second hand smoke that could cause cancer to be released to the air. We non-smokers did not make too much fuss about it? DON”T I, A NON-SMOKER, HAVE THE RIGHT TO BREATHE IN FRESH AIR? If I don’t complain much about smokers then why would people complain about homosexuals? They will screw your butthole till death? No right? So why the discrimination?

If you are not convinced, then let me ask this. A homosexual would be continuously harassed and discriminated just for being gay. So why would anyone choose to be discriminated if they had a choice? What kind of sick fetish is that? I believe every single gays out there had thought what will be if they are straight. I bet even more of them actually tried loving the opposite gender but failed. It’s due to the society’s constant discrimination,most of these people actually felt terrible being homosexuals. I bet every single one of them had tried to change but failed.

I chance upon this idiot commenting on The Malaysia Insider. Let me share.

As you can see how a homosexual replied to that ignorant commenter. Indeed, God created Adam and Eve, but that still doesn’t mean anything to me. Sex is no longer a mere process for breeding but people did it for pleasure as well. And regarding that homosexuality can be treated with modern medication,  wonder who invented such an unknown money making treatment. If homosexuality can be cured, that founder of the cure must be stinking rich. Possible the richest person in the world already. I will also bet that majority of the homosexual community would rush for that cure to end all the abusive insults and discrimination from scums

It is not a matter of choice either for them to be homosexual. Like i said, WHO WOULD BE SO DUMB TO VOLUNTEER TO BE BULLIED, HARASSED and DISCRIMINATED? Homosexuality is not a choice but stupidity and ignorance are choices cannot be ignored which this commenter already did.

I remember there is one person claiming that everyone should  try to change the homosexuals to the “right” path so they would not give birth to more homosexual people. To tell the truth, I doubt the guy is ay much educated. ONLY heterosexual couples can produce children on their own and not people from the same gender. Education Minister, our education have a really really big problem. In fact, it is found that vast majority of people raised by homosexual couples turn out to be heterosexuals while a vast majority homosexuals are from heterosexual family. So is psychology really the main reason behind homosexuality?

A quick fact about homosexuality.

1. Homosexuality is not something only happened in recent years. In fact, one of the greatest civilization in history, the Greeks and Romans, have tales regarding homosexuality.

2. Do you seriously think eunuchs in olden China have no sexual life at all?

3. One of the most famous Greek mythology hero, Hercules, the son of Zeus, is actually a bisexual? In is original tales, he had encounters with not only women but also young handsome men. Another proof that homosexuality existed a long time and having this folklore meant it is quite acceptable back then. (I’m not saying Hercules truly exist.)

So in the nutshell, I certainly do not think Homosexuality is a crime and people should start learning how to accept others for who they are. Do remember, the heterosexuals are the one who gave birth to most of them, no? If their parents can accept them (and they damn well should since their child is not to be blamed) then who are you a bystander to have the rights proclaiming how much you dislike gays and anti them? I won’t ask you to grow up. Grow a brain and then grow a heart.







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  • Mariuca

    Eye-opening article, very informative and I enjoyed ur comic strip la! :*:*
    My recent post MM – If You Leave Me Now by Chicago *

  • toninkush

    Yes, finally a blogger I know personally who bothers to voice out his opinion! Well said, man. It's okay to do jokes and all, it's already universally accepted. But if you know a gay around, then we should respect them and not cross the line. Gays are just gays. Shouldn't be hated or banned. If it's unconstitutional, its time the government makes it one.
    My recent post Happy Feet 2 (in 3D)

    • ericleeh

      Thanks, man. I do not think only the government is at fault. Sometimes, the religion plays a much important role in this. Is because of that, most gays are being marginalized right now.

  • ohfishiee

    well i guess malaysia government is not as open as other countries yet. in fact, some countries even legalize marriage between homosexuals. one day, malaysians will have a changed perception. just wait for the day to come 🙂
    My recent post Crumbs @ Pavilion KL

    • ericleeh

      Yeap…i believed that day will come soon. To me, it's not about open mindedness..just some basic respect, understanding and acceptance

  • Gratitude

    Thanks so much for this informative post!

    I once read that the haters do not realize that there may be someone amongst their own family members who is/are in similar predicament. If given a choice, nobody wants to be born in a situation whereby they are ostracised.


    • ericleeh

      true enough, i do not believe there will be an idiot who wanted jeers his or her entire life…unless that would turn them on…if not, ridiculous

  • kianfai87

    Being Human Being is a sin hahaha! Well I rather become a cat and find a owner with my big eye at let owner sayang me everyday (make sure is a right owner) lol XD
    My recent post The Hungry Hog @ SS 15, Subang Jaya

  • lianemarkus

    I certainly agree that this is an eye opening article and many people will really be interested in sharing their thoughts and concern about this issue. We can share our own opinion so long as we are not offending someone.
    My recent post ניוזלטר

    • ericleeh

      It's not about offending, i think people just need a little respect and understanding towards human rights..

  • cutebun

    Some people just cannot accept the fact that homosexual are different from them and they fear homosexuals. They use mocking, rejection, insult and exclusion from society in hope of getting rid of them and by assuring themselves that they are the right ones.

  • Nana Eddy

    Let's see… I don't hate homosexuals, I have quite a number of friends who are homosexuals. I find that they are very fun bunch. And usually they are also brilliant people. And they are usually perfectionist and very serious in their work. – Which is enough reason for me to like them (since it is easy for me to work with them). I have no problem working, being around or even hanging out with them.

    But, even so, I am sorry to say I cannot support this movement. Despite me being ok personally with them, I still can't support their relationship. I won't go and fight against it, but I won't rally support either. I guess, I haven't reach that open minded state that u have 🙂
    My recent post The Cancordia Delicious Scare!!!

    • ericleeh

      let's make things clear, if you are ok with them and still oppose their way of life, then i might say that you are not really ok with them. It's good you have your priorities straight and you divide personal and business very well in that matter as not anyone can do that.

      I'm not actually open-minded. I never really regard myself as one. I would rather choose to be rational and understanding person. I believe each and everyone have their rights regardless on how dislike I had towards them. For example, I absolutely hate CATS…but when i see a cat being tortured and violated, I would not say serve them right and I would rather go protect them and definitely against such action…Even if given a choice, I would not want to kill a mosquito or a cockroach if I had a choice (which sometimes I failed)…Like I said, I don't regard myself as open minded. Since it's already proven that being gay is natural, I could not find any reason why this would be such a debate. Behaviourists and religious bodies claim that it's not natural for various reasons of their own…They wouldn't want to go opposing nature that breeding happens between male and female. this will go against their works and preachings since the olden days…They cannot accept it like how they cannot accept the fact that the earth revolves around the sun last time. Hence, they had to insist that it is not natural. Let me ask, if you are not lesbian, would you ever get seduced by the same sex? The answer is no.

      Nana, I don't blame you actually as I am guessing you are a person who upholds religion strongly and dearly. I believed that will be a good example as well and seriously, the country needs more people like you. However, the country also lacks a lot in basic understanding of human rights and compassion at the same time. Just my two cent.

  • blugem

    I don't mind being friends with them and I have quite a number of them as friends even if they're still in a closet. Some people who are condemning are actually closet homosexual, transsexual and so on. They are just jealous of people who are able to flaunt their sexuality free while they are unable to express theirs due to some reason. But really our law is quite one sided.. while being lesbian is fine for our law, being gay is not. (Don't ask for my resource cos I read an article about this 6 years ago) And for once, I do know that some of our (former/current) minister are actually gay/lesbian but they never mention it. Normally it is through their close aide that we know about their real sexuality.
    I think some people are being egoistic by not seeing the true meaning of the gathering. It is not for a simply promoting not being straight but it is about telling them their rights to live in our country. Being ignorance doesn't mean you should condemn them without listening to their story first. No one is prefect and it doesn't mean you should judge them.

    • ericleeh

      Owhhh…this is actually quite interesting…thanks for sharing..however, i think what you meant that the country's law prohibited anal sex which is true…Lesbianisme is still not supported over here and there's no law prohibiting two V"ginas rubbing against each other or however they do it. Even anal sex between men and women is illegal in Malaysia.

  • claire

    wow.. what a long post about Gay and homo… coincidently, another blogger was also bashing this issue in his blog… must be something in the papers that triggered off….
    My recent post My Public Speaking Dilemma

  • foongpc

    Wow! You hit the nail on the head with this one! Yes, being a homosexual or bisexual or transgender is not a choice cos who in their right mind would want to choose such a life that is constantly harassed by others? People also like to blindly believe in their religion without question. They seem to think that being a homosexual is a sin that is worse than being a rapist.

    And as for this Seksualiti Merdeka, it's not even a gay parade! Why are they making a fuss over it?!
    My recent post My Visit To Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (Part 2)

  • Punk Chopsticks

    LOL!!! I know this is a serious topic and I agree wholeheartedly with what you say, but….this is hilarious xDDD I'm so glad you pointed it out. It's true, Malaysians need to take a stand and not allow paranoia and ignorance to overwhelm the country.
    My recent post Five awesome ways to cheat in a test

    • ericleeh

      LOL…i tend to make it less serious actually…so u can laugh…LOL

      yeap, probably you realized that ignorance is one of the main sickness the country is having

  • Merryn

    Bravo Eric. Very well said!

  • Zazabong

    Enjoyed reading this post, well said! I saw a live talk show on tv sometime ago and the homosexuals, transgenders etc were invited. Some of them even cried saying that they did not ASK to be born this way and all they wish is for society to NOT disrespect them or do name-calling or 'outcast' them. They said that they don't even expect to be HIGHLY regarded. They just want basic respect and to live their life like everyone else. It really made me sad to see them sad and I think we all should learn more about them before we point fingers and act like idiots.
    My recent post Sponsored Review: Hada Labo Hydrating Cleansing Oil

  • Bryce

    I feel very touching reading your post. Really appreciated.

  • jason hill

    of course being gay is NOT a crime any more than being black, straight or being religious. that person is still a human being and they have feelings just like everyone else in this world. if religion says that it is a crime then I ask this if god made us then he MUST want us in this world. as you may have guessed by that comment I am gay and DAM PROUD OF IT, and I am sick to death of people saying I am being evil/wrong to be the way I am.
    If people don't like me then fine just shut the hell up and leave me alone to be me, I don't force anyone to like me and I don't force anyone to like the things I think about religion, to me religion has done nothing but bring HATE into this world.(i.e. The holy crusades-christens vs. Muslims) to name one. if you don't like us then just leave us alone to get on with being us.

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