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It Was 10 And It Is 11


Year 2010 is going to pass us by. Since I did a similar post like this, so I thought, why not make it a tradition right? So let me reflect on certain things including some resolutions of mine which are successful of course. Shall we?

Pulau Perhentian Day 2_139

Looking back at 2010

1. Graduate on time.


I manage to graduate on time!! I was kinda edgy the whole beginning of the year. I was worried if I can graduate this year. My course had been really tough but I am gad I can remain unbeaten and graduate on time.

2. Go to the beach


I always wanted to go to the beach and Bali or Phuket had been my target. However, I am able to go to Pulau Perhentian which the experience is totally superb. I love everything about it. Except for the food that is.

3. Meeting more people.


Hey, seriously I cannot be happier meeting up new people like Merryn, and the rest. Who would have thought that we can click so well together. I didn’t thought so initially.

4. Meeting Caroline


Probably the best thing that ever happened to me in 2010. Every moment with her is a total blessing. Although we did have quite some arguments but then I hope this will not repeat in the year 2011. I’m sorry for all the mistakes that I had in 2010 and I will try to be better for you in this coming year. Love you.

5. Getting a job within my field of interest

After some rough start of my career life, I did finally have a job where I can learn a lot and also to improve. I know this job will be very tough and hectic but shall see how things go from here.

Looking forward to 2011

1. My first travelling experience with Caroline

Yeap. We have some travelling ideas ahead. It’s a secret of course and definitely looking forward for it.

2. Getting a DSLR…FOR REAL

Before the travelling, I need to get a DSLR! Since I’m already working, I think this should be VERY possible this year.

3. Planning for the future

I have several plans for myself for the future. And hopefully the plans can be completed by this year.

I think this year, I’m not going to make so many resolutions as I should take things at my own pace. I would definitely hope my relationship with Caroline to be much better. And to everyone who read this, Happy New Year and may you have a great 2011.


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  • Liane Markus

    Now that today is 2011, we will be expecting more this 2012. I am sure of this because there will be more surprises and experiences that will teach us new lessons. I am sure many are waiting for this next year to come.
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