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It was 9 and it is 10


Sorry to several people who had been waiting for me to blog. I had been in a busy week that made me unable to blog. But i guess, not much people will miss my blog like they do, so it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, 2009 had passed and now 2010 is a whole new beginning. Had anyone of you reflect on your past or made any resolutions for this new year? I always reflect on my past but then I never ever made some resolution before. Most probably because I know I’m not really the type of person that could keep up with a fixed guidance for a long period of time. Since this is actually a personal blog for my thoughts, I’m gonna start of by telling certain things regarding my past years and then follow up what would I hope for the incoming year.
9 Important Events in 2009.

1. The Break Up

After being in a relationship for 3 and a half years, many did not suspect that to happen to me. Honestly, I don’t either despite all the sacrifices I made and done for her. Then, she betrayed my trust by getting with another guy. This had been a huge impact on me as I used to love her a lot but realized the trust and pampering I showered her had now backfired and made me the victim. The most ironic part of the whole thing, she only confess to it after the Penang trip I planned with limited amount of time and also despite being busy with my stuff. She just wanna have fun before breaking up with me. FML

Since most of my readers don’t know me that well, I guess I could start off by stating I’m the most gullible person on earth. Why? Let me tell you what are the several things she said to me.
1. I wanna try with him and if not suit only come back to you
2. I won’t be satisfied if I never try with him but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.
3. Then she ask for a chance to be back with me which I gave but after that she end up choosing him. For SEVERAL TIMES.
4. I only want you to be my bf. (when she’s with that guy)

These are the several examples, I still never realized how she used me. Even now she’s begging me to be back with her and give her a last chance. I would like to ask you guys to state your opinion. Because she doesn’t get it why I won’t give her a chance anymore, why I don’t love her anymore and why she is fake when she kept insisting she’s a good person? I know you are reading this as well, and I purposely wrote this publicly because you are just too stupid to realized that you are wrong and for you to stop bothering me. I’m well over you so please go get a life. I am actually glad that we broke up now because only then I realized how stupid was and that you are not worth my time.

2. The Singapore Trip

Being my first time stepping out of Malaysia, I guess this is one of the main highlight of the year. Singapore is such a wonderful place with hot girls around and I also totally loving how so many people over there appreciate good design unlike Malaysia. The night life is wonderful and also I come to realize that Singaporeans are not as kiasu as Malaysians.

3. The Taiwan Trip

When was the last time I went for a family vacation? Form 5? A vacation with family is great and being in Taiwan is simply fabulous despite there are several small arguments. Of course I walked till I swear I could have gone crippled but it definitely worth it. I love the air over there and the MRT ethics of Taiwanese but there are too quite a lot of things i don’t like. Anyway, it is a hell of a trip.

4. The Lucky Moments

I usually don’t believe in horoscope despite having a great interest in hearing about them. However, those who are born in the year of Tiger are suppose to be lucky. But then, winning a lot in gambling and also how I passed my Design course despite having such a shitty work. I guess that I am lucky.

5. Started Blogging Actively

Ok fine. I’m not that active but it’s better than before. At first I thought I would just wanna blog for the sake of squeezing money from Nuffnang but then realized that I had so much more fun in expressing my thoughts, knowing other bloggers and also having people to comment on my blog. I’m totally in love with my blog right now.

6. Knowing Bloggers

Ok fine. Not exactly know them but I am glad to interact with several bloggers such as Grey Ang, Kelvin, Jennifer, Donna and many more. Sorry if I left out any of you guys. I simply love reading your blogs. As long as your blogs is in my blogroll or links, I read all of them even though I only comment in a few. I do mean by reading words to words from A to Z even if you wrote gazillion pages.

7. The Health and Death Issue

This year had not really been good to many people. I had heard many bad news and also my grandparents had health complications even though they are minor ones. It did made me realized how life is such a gamble and strong each and everyone of us need to be.

8. The Short and Memorable Moment

I think you know who you are. Thanks for loving me that time but sorry for hurting you. I know that I couldn’t repay your love and I had to do it. Sorry and thanks for everything. I gues I did made a good decision seeing that you found someone that loved you as much. May be be happy always.

9. The Complicated Issue

Meeting this new girl definitely brings me into a whole new dimension. Due to the past, both of us had certain complications and also being defensive towards our own feelings at certain points. I’m glad to know her as we do share some really intellectual conversation often filled with craps and sarcasm not suited for the faint hearted. Probably the situation prohibited us to get on to the next level but I don’t mind as I get to enjoy all those conversation with you be it a smart one or a stupid one. I do come to a point where relationship status doesn’t really matter as you are having fun and enjoying the company of each other. I might not wait for you but that doesn’t mean I don’t anticipate for the time when obstacles are no longer an issue.

2009 had been a really good year even if it filled with sad moments. This because I had grown maturely throughout this year and finally realized what is important to me and what is not. So that brings me to set 10 resolutions and targets for this 2010.

10 Resolutions/Targets for 2010

1. Setting up a blog shop selling custom designed merchandise(shirts, accessories, etc)
I would may be do this soon. Might ask around to see if my design and a few of my friends could really sell

2. Getting my things done properly
I seriously needed this for once.

3. Bali/Phuket
Anyone interested? The bikinis and beach definitely had been a long time dream for me. I vow to reach for my dreams this year

4. Being able to blog at least 14 entries per month.
I guess I need someone to motivate me for this. more comments perhaps? XD

5. Made my blog more well known
Popularity is addictive. Not really. I just want to know more if there are anyone who appreciates my blog

6. Brush up my design skills
My works kinda sucks to me. Check out my facebook.

7. You?
Refer to number 9 above? LOL may be this ought to make you smile or throw up in disgust. Either way, it still pleases me. hahaha XD i’m weird for liking people to hate me.

8. Get a mutha-fucking DSLR
Jealousy drives madness and needs. I’m jealous over the D80 my sister is having. ROOOAAARRR XD

9. Know more people
Preferably Megan Fox, Yuma Asami, Christy Yow, Davina Goh, ROZZ FROM 987 FM bla bla bla….I could always go for Kenny Sia or Miao….Fine, anyone will do….haha

10. Get a new image
Seriously, I think I need a complete make over from my style. I actually had liking for many clothes but since I’m surviving on my parents’ blood money, I did not have he heart to buy them. Since I’m gonna work soon, I guess I can do this

Unrelated target-Get a Lesbian Girlfriend
I would definitely brag about this to Kelvin if I ever achieve this. HAHAHA XD

That’s all from me this time. Will blog about something real good the next post. This post is kinda personal but it wouldn’t hurt you guys much to force you to read about me once awhile. LOL Enjoy life and a Happy New Year to everyone.

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