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Hey guys. Finally I am back updating my blog. First of all, I apologise for the absence as these weeks had been quite terrible for me. The first week of my absence was due to my workload and the sudden passing away of my grandfather. Then I had to go Thailand for a vacation planned since last year and when I came back, work awaits me yet again. But the days can only get better I hope. There are a lot of things I wanted to blog about and I definitely miss being able to blog on a daily basis. The vacation in Hong Kong and Thailand this year has tonnes of things I would love to share and hopefully, I could find time for it. But here’s a story of what happened when I attended “Where’s The Party” a couple weeks ago. Enjoy.


It is always easy to blame others. It is never easy to look at yourself and find out whether are you the reason of it. This guy had been going around telling his friend how this particular girl which coincidentally I knew of (I am positive about this based on the details he shared especially the name of the boyfriend whom I knew as well) was being all hard sell around him. I am not sure if he had truly slept with her before or not but judging his attitude, it is hard to blame anyone who do not want to be his friends. And I am not sure what had taken place between them but still, guys who bitch about girls being hard sell are nothing short of a d*ck. And probably will a very small d*ck as well which explains how large his ego was.

Anyway, there will be a special post this coming Thursday so stay tuned! Yes, the post was made early to Thursday instead of Friday this week.

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