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Judging A Person By Looks


How many of you guys do not judge a book by its cover please raise your hands. How many of you don’t judge a person by their looks or try to make friends with everyone FIRST without caring their looks? If you are one of them then please slap yourself and reevaluate your opinion. There is absolutely NO ONE in the world that could judge a person by his or her first impression which is usually in this case – LOOKS.

Think about it. Is there anyone out there who don’t judge a person by their appearance? Some of you people might disagree with me right now but wait. Let’s see my points and then further think yourself. I wanna know how many people out there who actually thinks they don’t judge a person by their looks in first meeting and after reading piece of crap from me, agrees to all my points and admit to the offense of judging people by their appearance in first meetings.

Personal Experience

Let me slowly brings your my journey. Let me know what you think of this.

I myself had been a victim of misunderstanding and misjudgment for as long as I could remember. Never in my life that a person actually judges me CORRECTLY in first meeting and usually by appearance. If you are a friend of mine, you guys will definitely laughed your ass off and nod in agreement. This happen so often and many did make a bloody joke out of it. There’s absolutely no one that would thinks that “I’m gonna be friends with this guy because it is interesting to make new friend.” when they first saw me. What are the usual stuff they gonna think? Here’s a list of several opinions I collected throughout my 23 years of life.

1. I’m gonna keep my distance from him to avoid unnecessary troubles.
2. I think this is the type of GUYS mom ask me to avoid.
3. Why the hell our school got gangsters like him?
4. How come that pirated VCD seller/gangster also can enter Form 6 wan?
5. How do I end up same class with a trouble maker?
6. What a loser like him doing here?
7. Not gonna be friends with this type of person definitely. (Admit it you guys, those who are my close friends had this thought flashed through your mind at least one.)
8. This person is very serious and cool and FIERCE.

And several things I heard from friend of friends or family members of friends.
1. Why do you hang out with such gangsters? (I think you guys know who you are and stop laughing)
2. Oh. I didn’t know you will mix around with that type of people?
3. Is he safe to hang around with?
4. How come you have such friend?
5. Goodness. Your friend so scary………

Take note people. I do not even spoke a single word other than hello or nothing at all! The way they say things, is as though I just said “Fuck You” as greeting to substitute for “Hello”. Doubt it? Take a look at this screenshot of my facebook.

What do you think of me in pouch. Never mind Devella that stands beside me.

Once you get to know me, talk to me and hang out with me, everyone would just laugh at it and realized how wrong you were. All of my exes, which is only 2 by the way(another fact of me that hardly people believes) had this bad impression of me and dislike me when we first met. I guess pretty much you guys had know how much the impression had changed. Well, I’m the perfect example and reminder that we should not judge a book by its cover. Since most of my readers are also people I knew online or bloggers, I guess you guys might have a different perception of me. May I know what is it?

First Impression Always Counts

What’s your first impression of me?

First impression always make an impact towards your life. Everyone judges a person by the appearance first and in most case, come to conclusion without even hearing you speak. Even me, the person who always being misjudge, judges a person by their appearance despite knowing how wrong they can be. This is a subconscious process and some sort of a reflex that our brains pull. That’s why going for interviews, first impression always count as the person need to evaluate you and your personality in a short time.

Do I look like someone who will do this?

Seriously, if you are a boss, would you hire someone who look decent or someone who looks like a thief? Even most clothing retail outlets in Sunway Pyramid only hires pretty girls. So if you are downright fugly, you went over to a shop there which a notice for vacancy and then they reject you for it claiming the vacancy already filled, some cases yes but other cases, you just don’t have the looks.

In Everyday Life

People often said that they do not judge a person by appearance and ESPECIALLY GUYS in order to impress a girl. Punch him in the balls for lying. Yes, we do not really judge a person by appearance when it comes to being in a relationship. However, every first meeting, every single one of you be it guys or girls, you judge a person by the appearance. What is there left for you to judge when you barely knows that person? The appearance is the first thing that you could get in your mind and did all the processing while you trying to figure out what other things to judge.

When you check out a hot girl, you are judging her by her appearance. When girls spot a good looking guy, you girls will definitely shift your eyes from head to toes. If you don’t judge a person by the appearance, you will either look at every single human that passes you by the streets or you will not look at a single person.

Or this??? (a birthday prank =.=)

Especially those busybodies aunties and also a lot of other people, how often that you people will go like this? “Yer….Why he like that wan”, “Wah, wear until like that, sure very cheap wan lo.” and bla bla bla. Dave Chappelle once used this in his stand up comedy act.

Statement: “Just because I wear like this, that doesn’t mean I’m a whore!”
Reply : “Yes lady so you are not a whore. But that’s a whore uniform you are wearing!”

Admit it. Most of you guys think I’ll end up here.

That”s right. We can’t actually help it if we judge a person by their appearance. We are not being shallow, we are just being humans. If there is a death penalty for that, I would have no friends because all of them will be dead for doing so and even got them all wrong. Such a sad world I live in. That’s all for now. I would like to know what’s your opinion in this and how do YOU judge ME? How about a classic statement from one of my friends to end this post?

“When I saw you, I thought you are some big shot taiko and a sohai. Now I think you are even more sohai than I initially thought but way nicer and friendlier than I would ever imagine.”

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