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In this world of blogging, there are a lot of things unseen to the public eyes. Much like the assets of some people in this country. I would actually admit that bloggers have a really bad name among the public, advertisers, and most importantly the mainstream media community. There are a lot of things I could say regarding this but let’s just leave this for another time shall we? It is actually a myth that most bloggers were being paid with a ridiculous amount of money most of the time because we don’t. You can see most of us have a full time job right? Why would we even need a full time job if we are being paid so much? So it comes to a point where clients wanted to engage the bloggers as bloggers somehow being regarded as “elite” since we were getting paid. This is a story that I experienced myself and also some bloggers I knew experienced as well. Well, it is a collective effort I must say.

Help them once or for peanuts, you will be exploited and being taken for granted. A reason why I rejected so many invitations over the past 1 year plus is this. The main problem that what some bloggers did not realize is that by helping them to blog about something, we are actually helping them to reach their KPI. Doesn’t sound too bad being kind right? Wrong. They are actually being paid for it by their boss or by their clients and it actually encourages them to set that as a benchmark in engaging you.

What actually differs bloggers and mainstream media, we shouldn’t look at ourselves as part of media. The mainstream media reporters are being paid to cover an event by their company or else where do all the writing and news material come from right? And consumers will purchase their magazines or newspaper and hence, there is their revenues! We should look at ourselves also as an advertising medium. We certainly don’t charge people coming to our blog to read right? But then again, that doesn’t give bloggers to act like a total douche in events and media coverage. I believe everyone of us should remain professional and certainly diva-ish in demanding things like some bloggers did. I think I strayed off topic a little bit but do let me know, if you are a blogger, what do you think of this. If you are not, what do you think of bloggers?



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