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Lately, I’ve been bombarded with work. I can hardly blog or blog hop as work keeps coming in and also not to mention the distraction of the insanely awesome Gintama. Sometimes, I managed to read some blogs but did not find anytime to comment. Ah, how stressful life can be. Last time when I’m stressed, I will turn to gaming but now, it seems so impossible to do so.Simply because there ain’t not much time to do so.

I wonder how many actually can get the last line.

Luckily, going to Justberry helped a lot in unwinding my stress level. Justberry is a dessert shop originated from Melaka and hearing that, I already had a perception that this place would serve some good durian and Gula Melaka dessert. Initially, I thought this would just be another “overstated” dessert point as there are many dessert shop who claim they import their ingredients from so and so but end up the complete opposite.

The environment is average but still more comfortable compared to some dessert joints. The area is lighted pretty neat and luckily the air cond is working fine as well.

Coco Mango

Mango Sunnymangmelon

Mango Honeymoon

Sweetie Strawberry

I find it hard to describe the 5 drinks above. The drinks range between Rm5.50 to RM7.00. If you compared to some bubble milk tea franchise, their price might be slightly more expensive. But you get what you paid. There is a generous amount of ingredients mixed in each and every single drink. And each of it taste good and unique. I tried only 2 of this drink due to my earlier full stomach, which is the Sweetie Strawberry and Mango Honeymoon. The white egg pudding located at the bottom layer of the drinks blend really well with its respective taste. It is sweet but just the right touch of sweetness and the fruits used are really fresh. If you are a strawberry lover, this Sweetie Strawberry is a must try because the strawberries used are not your common supermarket product but specially ordered from Cameron Highlands. The mangoes used are very fresh and sweet as well. I’m glad that Justberry did not put too much syrup in their drinks in order to maintain the taste of the fruits used.

Durian Cendol

I did not expect much from this Durian Cendol in the beginning. I had many cendols around and I hardly find any cendol that can really please my tastebud. However, I’m surprised on how good this Durian Cendol taste to me. A spoon of it and I know the Gula Melaka used in this cendol is brought in from Melaka. There is no way that any Gula Melaka sold anywhere else can be compared to the flavor and fragrance of the original Gula Melaka. A confirmation with the owner regarding it, which he said that everything is brought in from Melaka except for the beans and I’m impressed. This cendol is good and if you had never tried any authentic Gula Melaka Cendol before. This is a must try. The durian flesh used is authentic D24 durian. It’s strong flavor and slight bitterness is definitely heavenly to me. Although the more you had this, the durian taste actually overwhelmed the entire cendol.



I think it’s my bad that I did not try this cendol earlier before trying the Durian Cendol. It just couldn’t compared to it. The cendol is good with its gula melaka but I prefer the durian version. If you like cendol but hate durian, this is the one for you. Next, I would hope they will come out with my favorite Durian Cendol Pulut (not available here).


Mango Loh

Ample amount of mango syrup and sago is the key for this dessert. The mango is sweet enough to keep you going at it. A good choice for all mango lovers.


Longan Sea Coconut

This Longan Sea Coconut is just as special. One reason is that it uses Chinese Herbal Jelly (Guai Lin Gou) instead of lemongrass jelly (Cincau). And it is very soothing and refreshing to have this dessert on a hot day. Definitely would be much healthier as well.




Milky Durian Freeze

Last but not least, my favorite of the day is this Milky Durian Freeze. If you are a durian lover, this is a MUST order. This bowl of dessert had just got me wanting more. It contains the D24 durian flesh, vanilla ice cream and buttercake in it. I too find it weird to have such a combination for a dessert but let me tell you this, the combination is pure genius. If there’s a Grammy awards for best dessert, this dessert but be nominated as one of the finalist. It’s surprisingly very addictive and if I were to return, this would be the first dessert I would order from them. Definitely one of the best that I ever had.

Location : Sunway Pyramid, Asian Avenue, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya.
Email : justberrys_08@yahoo.com
Contact No : 012-6318668
Website : http://www.justberrys.com.my

Pinkberrys Dessert House Sdn.Bhd.
BE-1b, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Mall,
Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir 75200 Melaka.
Contact no: (+6)012.635 1331 / (+6)012.6318668 | Jacky Ong

Obviously, this dessert session had let me cool off my steam. Finally something that would help me to relax.






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