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Kerastase Scalp Treatment @ Number 76, Northpoint, Midvalley


I have a sensitive scalp. Something that I wasn’t fond of at all. Especially when I uses the wrong type of shampoo, my scalp will itch incredibly 2 or 3 hours later. Not to mention the amount of stress that I had from work always became the fuel to my scalp’s itchiness. Once in awhile, I had to go for scalp treatment and usually it works wonder for me. So it’s a good thing Number 76 comes knocking on my door and offered me a scalp treatment at their outlet.

Now I heard a lot about them – especially from female bloggers, so this would be a good chance to try their service out.

The overall ambient and interior design is quite cosy despite the bright lights and it felt welcoming. The cement finishes all over the shop gave a modern and chic look into it. This definitely hits the younger crowd really well.

Scanning my scalp’s condition


Firstly, the stylist, Emily scans my scalp to check on my scalp’s condition. And unfortunately and unsurprisingly, I can see quite a number of injuries on my scalp due to scratching and also pimples. I made a mistake of not asking a screenshot of my scalp hence I can’t show it over here. My scalp was slightly yellowish. According to Emily, it was due to me not washing my hair properly after sweating. Guilty as charged I suppose as I usually very “cincai” wash my hair after gym. Looks like I can’t slack any longer while washing my hair after gym.

I swear I felt that Caroline always take unflattering photos of me. And she complained about my photos of her. =.=

Oh. Do I mention I decided to get a quick trim on my hair while I’m here. Might as well since my hair is not long and not short that time.

In my scalp treatment, Emily uses this Sensidote Dermo-Calm treatment which is worth RM180. This treatment is suppose to soothe and calm discomfort area on my scalps and increases scalp tolerance against external aggressions (my scratching la – such a badass term to call it). It also has a cooling effect that helps redness, itching, burning and tingling on my scalp – hence it will not provoke me to apply external aggressions on it (yep, definitely sounded bad ass).

This is going on my scalp


After the treatment, I definitely felt my scalp was lighter. I typically enjoy the cooling sensation on my scalp and it does help to soothe the itchiness (from the injuries) on my scalp. Once the treatment is done, I had another scan on my scalp and my scalp was no longer yellowish – white now! Of course, it did not completely heal my scars but it helped to unclogged some of my hair roots and my scalp i suppose is not seem much healthier than my first scan. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the treatment which took about an hour. Quite surprising as my last treatment lasted near 2 hours.


What make me really enjoy my treatment at Number 76 is the friendliness of the stylists and also staff over there. I usually do not talk much while I’m having my haircut but Emily was able to strike some conversation with me. And as I observe with how Anna and Caroline were having a ball of laughter with their stylists, I guess their salon do put emphasis on customers interaction. I can see why customers will keep returning. It is always the minor and little things that kept people interested unknowingly.

If you are interested to check out their services, why not drop by at their outlet and make some inquiries or look around their website and social media platforms.

Number76 (Midvalley Branch)
A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley City,
No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utara, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM (daily)
Tel no: +603 – 2287 0661/0662
Email: contact@number76.com
Facebook: Number76 | Twitter: @number_76 | Instagram: @number_76

– See more at: http://www.carolinemayling.com/2015/01/ultrasonic-iron-treament-number76.html#sthash.UbToNT5W.dpuf

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