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Labuan And Sabah


Sorry for abandoning my blog, I guess I can only blog during weekends since I’m having this job. Anyway, most of you knew that my family had a trip over to Kota Kinabalu last 8th of December 2010. I know most of you have some similar questions so I’m just gonna answer them here without you guys asking those questions.


1. No, I didn’t propose the trip to there for my family. My mom the one wanted to go.
2. No, my mom wanted to go there not because Caroline is there.
3. No, the guy on the other end of the photo is not my elder brother but my YOUNGER brother.

So due to the major difference in ticket price, my family decide to fly to Labuan first before taking the ferry. We we went over there to do some sightseeing. So what is the MUST DO thing in Labuan?


Shopping for cheap alcohol, chocolates and cigarettes of course.

Then we stop by for lunch and honestly, the kolo mee here actually very nice. And I found out something. Ordering a bottle of beer is much worth it than iced coffee. I ordered my usual Kopi Ais which cost RM2 which shocked me because over in Selangor, the most expensive Kopi Ais I had is RM1.60. Bottle of beer here cost about RM5.




The Kolo Mee


Honestly, this is way TOO LITTLE. My family usually have several plates FULL of chillis rather than a few pieces.



Then we took a ferry to Kota Kinabalu which is 3 hours and 30 minutes long. After about 3 hours of flight, another 3 hours of ferry ride, my back and neck seems like had aged 50 years. When we reach there, we checked in to Cititel Express Kota Kinabalu in Asia City. Honestly, the hotel is much better than I expected as the Cititel over here in Mid Valley are famous for prostitution. The one in KK is definitely a total opposite of the one over here.


At Jesselton Point



At Cititel Express Kota Kinabalu

At night we had seafood dinner at Old Village Seafood located at Asia City. According to my parents, some of the seafood price are actually comparable to the ones in Selangor and some even more expensive. And they had high expectations for the seafood over here as many people said it is cheap and fresh. I can say after seeing those prices, they are slightly disappointed.






This plate of crab only RM16!!


However, they had some promotion over certain seafood which is very cheap. And one thing I can say, the freshness of the seafood over here are totally in a different level compare to the ones in Selangor. The seafood is delicious due to their freshness and I cannot express it well through words. You got to try it to know it.


Later at night, I get to meet my love one while the rest of the family went over to a nearby night market to walk around. Darling Caroline bought ikan bakar for me and my family. No doubt, one of the best ikan bakar I had although I had quite few ikan bakar in my life. I especially love the chilli paste which is hot enough for me. Totally superb. Too bad no pictures are taken and I’m still full over the seafood dinner. That’s all for now. Stay tuned for my Mari-Mari and Tanjung Aru post!


Salmiah (Caroline’s friend), my dear Caroline, Me


P/S: It felt really nice meeting Caroline after such a long period of time. Kinda wished that night would be much longer that time. Although I’m tired but it’s all worthwhile.

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