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Laser Treatment at MEClinic – 2nd Visit


From my last visit to MEClinic – which you can read over HERE – there are quite some noticeable change in my skin. Most of my shallow scars healed and I now have two different skin tones for my face and neck.

My first visit to ME Clinic was back in November and I returned there after a month in December. Before each session starts, they will take photographs of my face for progress documentation and the picture above (unedited) shows the difference between both of my visits.

My scars got shallow and it was smoother than before. Later on, for my first visit, they used a mild intensity laser setting on my skin (just to see if I can handle the pain) and this time, they wanted to take it up a notch. And on another note, I failed to mention in my previous blog post what is the laser treatment I am getting from ME Clinic. I’m actually undergoing their CO2 Laser Treatment in order to get rid of my pimple scars and unfortunate “potholes”.

The procedure began with the nurses applying numbing cream on my face. This time, I could feel that they applied a very thick layer of numbing cream on my face. I guess this would be a sign to how much pain will be induced. Damn it.

Yeap. I can’t think of anything to say that actually doesn’t sound wrong but anyway, pardon that bump on my eye lid as I was having gland infection.

From my first experience, the swelling on my face was not as quick as this. Even before Dr. Eric finished his task, I could felt the swelling throbbing. Obviously, it is not as bearable as last time but I was equally keen to see if this treatment will be better than the last.

After 4 days, my face was still swollen and red. There was a burning sensation on my face as though I had some major sunburn. Yeap, basically this is my face for a couple of days where I meet people and also it happens to the week with the most Christmas gatherings where photos are taken everywhere and every time.

It took me more than a week for my skin to get to this stage and I was quite pleased with the result. Definitely by comparison, the laser treatment is even more effective than the last. I’m guessing the laser intensity plays a big role over here. After putting up with so many unsightly photos of my face, let me present one more photo of me which are not so erm…unappetising. So here it is, 3 weeks after my second treatment.

This is a result after 2 treatments with ME Aesthetic Clinic at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. Now, I am really curious on how much further my skin can progress after all my laser treatments with ME Clinic. Perhaps, it can be as below.

If you are impressed by the progress I made so far and would like to try a laser treatment so far, why not give ME Clinic a try. Besides that, you can follow their instagram (view below) as they are shouting out promotions from time to time over there. You will get to see pictures of other customers and get to know their works as well. Till then, I will update you all on my next treatment! Bye!

ME Clinic is located in Lower Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur.

Website: www.meclinic.com.my
Instagram: @meclinictimessquare
Contact: +603-2413 3866 / whatapps: +6018-2228122
Operation Hours : Monday – Saturday :10am – 7pm ; Sunday :10am- 2pm

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