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Launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S3


On the 24th May 2012, thanks a lot to both Nuffnang and Samsung, I was invited to the launch event of Samsung Galaxy S3, probably the most awaited phone of the year. I was eagerly anticipating what this phone could do after all the hoo-hahs from other countries where they got their first taste of the phone.

The Stage

By the way, if you are looking for comics in this post, I think it’s fair to tell you that there wouldn’t be any. This is because I wanted to highlight the event and the phone itself. (Ok la, I also kinda lack of time to do so). But still, I hope you will enjoy what I’m writing here.

Samsung had been saying how the inspiration behind the phone is about nature and it connects with humanity. They began their research by asking what everyone is looking for from the next Samsung Galaxy SIII. I think this is the best statement of all and definitely what would best describe the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Emcee of the night

The introduction of the phone was presented by Mr. Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd. He explains how the concept for the phone came about and it’s no longer a secret that it’s inspired by nature and not to mention the eyebrow-raising caption, Designed for Humans.

Mr. Kwon unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S3

Next, we have both Benn Lee and Luke to present the capabilities of the smartphone. There a lot of things that are being presented but due to my camera batteries were dying, I had to just capture several things that I am impressed with. The Galaxy S3 offers a wide range of innovative capabilities. One of it which I’m very impressed with is the Direct Call feature. It’s a feature that enables you directly call the person you are interacting with via SMS. No extra steps like tapping on the user’s profile and so on are needed. A very helpful functionality especially when you saw a text when you are driving and would like to call immediately as soon as you parked your car aside. What’s more I’m impressed about this is there are no long delay in attempting to make the call like I initially suspected. Very fast and efficient if you ask me.

Another feature that I’m impressed with this new Samsung Galaxy S3 is its sharing capabilities. Samsung Galaxy S3 offers a whole lot of easy sharing capabilities that I would think be very useful especially for working designers needing a brief or inspiration from another individual.

One of the sharing capabilities is the S Beam feature. The demonstration here shows that sharing pictures is as easy as putting 2 Galaxy S3 phones back-to-back and by tapping on the menu, the photo is sent in matter of seconds. Sure, it’s similar to the app Bump but the speed of sharing is quite impressive and also there’s no need to launch a third party application to have this feature to be used.

Next would be the Group Cast feature. This feature enables every single Galaxy S3 connected with the same Wifi network to share the same media with one another. What’s even more amazing that it would be in real time. This means that as long as a picture was edited on either one of the Galaxy S3, the changes will made and saved at the same time for the other phones. Really impressive sharing ability.

Once after the launching and demonstration of the Samsung Galaxy S3, we were invited to the exhibition area to have a real taste of the phone for ourselves. Upon entering the exhibition hall, we were greeted by this display box.

Probably a transparent screen as a display box is something new to many people. This definitely caught many people’s attention to it. If you ask me if I’ve seen something like this before, actually I did. Sometimes, you got to pay attention while walking around Pavillion at Kuala Lumpur.

Poster Lightbox

Display Stand

The crowd

It was packed. Yes, packed. This shows how much people are actually anticipating for the Samsung galaxy S3 arrival and all of them are eager to test out the phone for themselves.

The long awaited Samsung Galaxy S3

A pebble-shaped outer design. To be honest, it seems that Samsung trying to used back the old Samsung phones outlook. It looks a bit similar to the Samsung Corby but at a much sleeker and elegant design. Outlook design, I prefer their predecessors’ the Galaxy S2 as that phone spotted a much much classy feel in terms of shape. However, despite how the outer look doesn’t sink well with me, it feels absolutely amazing in the palm of my hands. I guess that’s the main reason for the outlook, to feel great in your hands.

The design looks absolutely thin and slim from the side. However, after comparison, the thickness is actually similar to the Galaxy Note. Besides the thinness of the phone, the phone is actually very very light. If you dislike a bulky and heavy phone, you would probably enjoy the size and width of the new Samsung Galaxy S3.

Couldn’t test out much on that day. But one thing I definitely wanted to test out is the Pop Up Play feature. A feature that enables you to minimize your video to a small screen while you do other stuff on your phone like browsing the internet, messaging etc. The quad core is impressive enough to let the video run smoothly without any lag and delay during my multi-tasking. The UI is as smooth as there isn’t any video running continuously in the background. This impressed me indeed.

There’s one more very impressive camera feature is their proclaimed zero-shutter-lag feature. You can snap the picture as soon as you tap the capture button. Pretty impressive. I wonder if it could compared to the

So here’s the quick list of key features for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

  1. 4.8″ Super HD AMOLED Touchscreen
  2. Android Ice Cream Sandwich v 4.0.4 with TouchWiz UI
  3. 1.4 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9 CPU
  4. 1GB RAM (Honestly, I was initially hoping for 2GB RAM before it was released)
  5. 2100 mAh battery
  6. 8 MP camera with auto-focus, LED flash, face detection, smile detection and blink detection
  7. 2 MP front camera
  8. 16/32/64 GB internal storage
  9. Corning Gorilla Glass 2

So basically that wraps up the cover for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3. I’m impressed so far and it actually got me thinking to convert from my Galaxy Note. But then again, a million thanks to Nuffnang and Samsung again, I will be able to review this wonderful gadget!

This is my review unit! So stay tuned to my blog, if you want to know what I think about this device. I’m not a professional in terms of these kind of reviews, but I can guarantee that it would be a very much honest one.

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