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Reading blogs had been one of my hobbies ever since I was introduced to the great Internet. I conclude that what really interests me in reading blogs would be I enjoy reading people’s craps and especially when they give others some craps. But ever since I changed to a self-hosted domain, I rarely visits blog frequently. One of the reason is that there is no longer any sidebar widget that came with rss feeds for blogs. Reading blogs suddenly becomes a very inconvenient task. Then Facebook groups came into play! The only downside is there is TOO MANY and i mean TOO MANY blogs that I do not want to read. (sometimes if I don’t comment on your blog, doesn’t mean I don’t read).

But lately, I had been hearing tonnes of stories on this Nuffnang X. My guess will be a Nuffnang site for adults.

Ok. So it is not a Nuffnang site for adults. My excitement died off.

Ok I lied. I like the app. The app is great especially when I go for my toilet rituals or waiting for the office to open or waiting for Caroline to get ready to actually go out. I used to hate reading blogs because loading them one by one to check on updates on my phone is just a hassle. Besides, our data connection in Malaysia is equivalent to a snail moving while being dragged by a 10kg rock. Over here with Nuffnang X, you will get snippets of a blog post and a picture of it. This makes loading time much easier

The app currently is not perfect for me as there are many improvements still needed in my opinion especially the commenting system. They are updating the app and trying to make it better for bloggers to use. I actually felt that the app is excellent for comic blogs. One of the reason as you will get a gist of the stories behind each comic blog posts. And it also make the layout look nicer like what Bro, Don’t Like That La Bro did to it here. I do follow a lot of comic blogs with my account and do check out my profiles for these awesome comic blogs.

But, I have an even better idea in making Nuffnang X a whole lot better experience for everyone.

I don’t know why Stickman hung up on me. Must be the free batteries that I had been bugging him about. But here comes the main purpose of this post! Follow me on Nuffnang X to get updates of my blog! Just click the banner below and you will land on my NuffnangX profile.

For those who wanted the code for the badge, here it is. (not exactly rocket science but I will help anyway)
<center><a href=”http://www.nuffnangx.com/user/VQBR22B “><img src=”http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy47/ill_legal/NuffnangXBadge-01-1.png” alt=”” border=”0″ /></a></center>

 The Red text would be the link to your Nuffnang X profile while the blue text would be the link to whatever image that you would want for the badge. You can have a picture of your grandmother skating for it if you wanted to. 

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