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LG Excite My Senses!


All this 3D thing is definitely the IN thing right now. It’s hard to event spot a popular movie nowadays did not provide the availability of a 3D movie. We had 3D phones, 3D puzzles, 3D this and 3D that. Sooner or later we could even have a 3D books with automatic text scrolling. Who knows?

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

And it’s definitely about time that somebody decided to come up with a 3D viewing television set. And LG had done it again! Introducing their latest LG Cinema 3D Smart TV! This sexy beast not only sport an elegant and futuristic outlook, but you can actually view a 3D video without any need of putting on some dumb glasses.

I’m sure most people would agree with me that 3D glasses are totally a nuisance to deal with. I’m not sure how many people would experience this but I sure did. This is what exactly happened most of time I went for a 3D movie.



I literally felt shorter just by wearing the glasses. Not only they give me some extreme discomfort when wearing them, my eyes are usually tired even when just wearing them for a short moment. How would you even expect me to watch a 3D movie when I’m feeling uncomfortable all the time right? My eyes are usually dry and restless after looking through the glasses for a long period of time. Sometimes, I even had blurry visions of the people around me. This sucks because I couldn’t even enjoy the 3D and effects nicely.

So WHY WOULD I WANT TO EXCITE MY SENSES WITH LG CINEMA 3D SMART TV? Especially I had such dislike towards 3D technology?

So first of all, let’s take a look at the sequence below.


Yeap. The first reason why I want to excite my visual senses with LG Cinema TV is because I wanted to feel how was is it like to indulge myself in 3D movies without feeling any discomfort. With this LG Cinema 3D, there is no need for those retarded glasses in order for me to enjoy a 3D movie. This would be a great feature for me to had. I can even get to play with 3D games without wearing the glasses that could disturb my visual senses.

My second reason is definitely Hi-5ing myself like how I mentioned in this blog post. Without the glasses, a wide and huge screen, I could Hi-5 my avatar anytime I want as though he is exactly a human being standing in front of me. I could even make an animation of my avatar, scale it to human size so it could look as real as it should. Pretty cool right? A TV that could help to bring my character to life. How’s that for enhancing my visual and audio sense? It could make me believe that my avatar a real living thing and allows me to live the moment with my visual and audio sense.

And so, the final reason to “Why I want LG Cinema Smart TV” is this.

As far as I’m concerned besides Avatar, there aren’t much movie that would allow me to submerge completely to its environment and settings. The LG Cinema TV will be so good, it makes me felt like the movie was real and the incidents are happening right in front of my eyes and as if I’m there in their world! As much as I love reality, I cannot overlook how awesome it would be to submerge myself in the world of movies like for example, being in Pandora! These will be places you can only go when you watches a 3D video. My visual and audio sense would be fooled that I could even time travel to different eras, explore the deep sea and galaxy, and even becoming a small germ exploring a human’s body. How much can a 3D TV do to u and heighten your senses to the point where you felt like you are there as well?

The final reason why I want to excite my senses with the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV is definitely to be able to submerge myself to the environment of a 3D movie. Something that none other 3D cinemas or devices or even IMAX could provide me. The effects can be as cool as above. It might even made me unable to tell reality and fantasy! Hopefully not permanent!

For more information about this amazing TV, visit their webpage (http://www.lg.com/my/tv-audio-video/televisions/televisions.jsp) for more information! Are your senses excited yet?

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